Someone are more suprised than others.

in #norway3 years ago

Have been doing some macro photos lately so if I find the time you will see a lot of nature and macro photos on my blog the coming weeks.

I am starting with this shot that, when I looked at it in Light room, saw this littel guy beeing suprised that he was in the spot light and got his "five minutes of fame"
Guess he was wondering what that big lense was doing up in his face.
If you don't see the little guy, he is down in the right corner of the photo.


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry
Kindest regards


Yes I saw the little guy :-) it's a beautiful picture taken in the right moment. it's good to see you Sir @Gyldenhorn back with these beautiful nature photos, we will wait for the next flowers with more surprises.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Hello @Redouanemez I am glad you liked the picture, and that you saw the face on the flower :)

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Hi @gyldenhorn. I still don't see the little guy even after knowing where to look! What exactly am I looking for? A small insect?

Got him!

(Couldn't spot the creature either but had to do this)

If you look at the lowest flower down at the right you can see two smal dots that can look like eyes and one dot below that can look like a mouth. Or at least my imagination let me see :)

Hello @ralk98 You got him :)

Ah, I see what you mean! I was looking for a real insect, so it's no wonder that I got confused :P


Thank you @Tigerflora :)

A mysterious flower! Surprisingly, I saw a beautiful ant girl, smiling.😂

Hehe! Thanks for sharing @gyldenhorn!
"Stay safe, warm and dry."👌

Thx a lot @Black-horse good that you saw the little face :)

Hyggeleg å sjå at du driv med macro fotografering @Gyldenhorn.
Eg ser fram til å sjå fleire av macro bileta dine.
Du skildra så vakkert ein person med eit forbausa eller uttrykk. Når du seinare i teksten fortalde at han var nede i det høgre hjørna, såg eg to svarte prikkar ved sida av kvarandre og litt lengre nede var det ein my prikk som med litt fantasi kunne sjå ut som ein person med eit måpande eller overraska uttrykk.
Det er mykje spennande ein kan sjå når ein kjem nær nok motiva.

Med vennleg helsing

Så flott at du så han @Siggjo, jeg begynte å lure på om det var jeg som var små rar som så det lille ansikte :)
Jeg elsker macro så kommer nok en del av disse bildene i løpet av sommeren!

Yes i got your little guy and i like macro photography ,eagerly waiting them ,thanks to share your beautiful photography.

I am glad that you saw him @tangera :)

Hey @glydenhorn it's been a while!

I'm struggling so hard to find thay little guy you are talking about, is he hidden?

I saw that you found him @Ralk98, I was starting to be concerned that he was just in my imagination :)

I saw that you found him @Ralk98, I was starting to be concerned that he was just in my imagination :)

Good one, I am still trying to figure it out, maybe I have perspective issues :)

Look at @Ralk98 above here. He has found him :)

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It's hard to guess something in a macro photo, but I like it as something nice.
Like @gyldenhorn

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Wow! You have a rich imagination.
And I was looking for some insect)) the Photo is very beautiful!

What's the name of this plant?

Thanks for sharing, @Glyldenhorn .

that's beauty of heaven

that is beauty of heaven

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