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Sometimes it's a struggle to get the much needed time in the light, there is always some darkness lurking in the shadows. Will this little one make it? I sure hope so. :)
Cheers, Erlend

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Wow I have looked at this for ages. It is a gorgeous image. My favourite thing is that little tiny rainbow that runs through it.

Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared...
Another pretty microphotography @erlendgroseth

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

it looks like an angel has descended in a form of a flower. i don't think you are just using an ordinary kind of lens Erlend to capture this very angelic kind of picture. the beam of light itself is already magnificent in form more so on how it affects the picture in a magical way. the flare is so nice and how the lights interacted with each other is just too beautiful. no wonder as I see it that the flower dances in thin air as the beam of lights interpalayed on one another.

ya hope so, overcome from darkness

If the little one is provided with enough light in life then everyone can grow as he does :)

The light is great,it will overcome the darkness.
Anyways that is incredible photography skills. Great picture. Cheers

Light always defeat darkness as light is evergreen. Your photography is marvelous as i say it heavenly capture.

i agree,always has drakness in the shadow

Amazing capture, really like the mood of the image !!!

That looks fantastic, I like it.

Mulig å svinge innom en dag å ta med Rayxar på en liten tur?

it has to... because the light itself is its very life. the more it squeezes its way into the light the more likely it survives. good day @erlend. cheers!

can you provide me with details of how you took this shot. It is so amazing!

Hi @cave-man
Sure, it's a shot I made some time ago of a wood anemone standing alone in the shadow. I placed my lens so that I captured the flower in the shadow up against the much lighter background. This triggers a lot of flares and normally unwanted "errors" in the image that I enhance in Photoshop.
You can find the lens here:
Often I use it with a pair of extension rings to get closer.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help :)
Cheers, Erlend

Its people like you who make steemit such a wonderful platform. Thank you so much.
cheers, cave-man

dont afraid when we see the darkness, jus we need to go ahead.

With sincerity, I'm sure it will work.
Keep the spirit @erlendgroseth

vakkert :) sku gjerne upvota, men har bare 13%VP, det må restitueres!

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