The Local Northern Norwegians is protesting against oildrilling! Using a Horse's head!

in norway •  2 years ago 

In the Viking-age this was the ultimate insult if you wanted to humiliate your enemies

The makings of this protest is from the leader of the local political group called the "Society-party".
The party describes themselves as:

an anarchistic party, built on the charity values of the new testament and the humanitarian ideals.


...You get the best of both worlds.
Relax take it slow, and then you rock out the show.

The horse-head on a pole is attributed the status as a art-installation, and the artist say violation on this piece of art will be reported to the police.
The governor of this village, on the other hand, is looking for ways to get it removed with the help from police attorneys.

The governor states that he is against oil-drilling in the near proximity of the local fishing grounds, but he think the horse-head is a bit to far.

Another reason for removing the horse-head is that the kids get scared.

Bon apetit

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Don`t you need the hole horse ??


I think you can use either... her is a picture using a head.

here is hole horse


He-he..juup that was diferent

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ahhhh, well that's straight outta Godfather

Wow the thing you learn in Steemtopia! Right on! Keep Steeming

Siff man, and poor horse! I totally understand the standing up and protesting the oil drilling but shame the poor horsie

That's wild