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Here at the garage sales* everybody are welcome to sell something, make an auction, buy and bid.

Recipe for selling something:

  • Write your own post where you as detailed as you wish presents what you sell and at what price.
  • Write a reply on this page where you briefly tell what you are selling, at what price and if there are any benefits for the buyer - CashBack, SBD from Upvoting in return etc.
  • Then paste a link to your own post.
  • Now you can paste a link from your post to your product here, where you make the money.

Now you have the chance that your product will be sold and you are friendly to the ecosystem. If your product is not sold the first time you try, you still have this benefits:

  • Steemians usually Upvote each other in here. What did you say? I earn money for trying to sell my stuff? Yes, you do.
  • Try to understand the CashBack. I heard that it have happened that Steemians have got more in CashBack than the price of the product when they bought it? Yes, that have happened! Nobody can promise that due to the nature of STEEM and SBD, but as you now understand the CashBack is usually BIG.

  • We have a lot of fun in here and sometimes we have games so you can win. Is there any games now? Yes, if you can guesstimate how many Upvotes this post will get (you can only guess once when you bid) you will get some really big Upvotes (many $).

Norwegian version:

Her på garasjesalgs* sidene er alle velkomne til å selge noe, lage en auksjon, kjøpe ting og by på auksjonene.

Oppskrift for å selge noe:

  • Skriv din egen post hvor du så detaljert som du ønsker presenterer hva du selger og til hvilken pris.
  • Skriv en Reply på denne siden hvor du kortfattelig forteller hva du selger, til hvilken pris og hvilke fordeler du gir til kjøperen - CashBack, SBD fra Upvoting av din kommentar osv.
  • Så limer du inn linken herfra i din egen post.
  • Nå kan du lime inn en link i posten din hit (hvor det lønnsomme salget skjer).

Nå har du mulighet for at produktet ditt blir solgt og du er vennlig mot økosystemet. Hvis produktet ditt ikke blir solgt første gangen, har du forsatt disse fordelene:

  • Steemere Upvoter vanligvis hverandre her inne. Hva sa du? Tjener jeg penger på å prøve å selge tingene mine her? Ja, det gjør du.
  • Forsøk å forstå CashBack systemet vi kjører. Jeg har hørt det har hendt at Steemere har fått mer CashBack enn de betalte for produktet når de kjøpte det? Ja, det har hendt. Ingen kan love at det skjer på grunn av STEEM og SBD sin natur, men som du da forstår så er CashBack'en vanligvis betydelig.

  • Vi har ganske mye moro her på sidene og noen ganger har vi konkurranser så du kan vinne. Er det noen spill på gang nå? Ja, hvis du kan tippe antallet Upvotes denne posten vil få (du kan bare tippe en gang sammen med at du byr på en vare) får du noen store Upvoter (mange $).


Our auction 14 is open - Vår auksjon 14 er åpen

*Garage sale - n.

  1. A sale of used household belongings, typically held outdoors
    or in a garage at the home of the seller.
  2. Garage sale exist as a new *phenomena on steemit.com

*Phenomena - n. pl.

  1. An occurrence, circumstance, or fact that is perceptible by the senses.
  2. pl. phe•nom•e•nons
    A remarkable or outstanding wonder.
  3. Physics: An observable event.

Our auction nr 14 issue 5 - Vår auksjon nr 14 utgave 5

Yet another auction of our T-shirt is back due to high popularity.
We still have all sizes, lady and men's model.

Bid what you want and have fun §;-)

We love this song - Original one further down

Enda en auksjon med vår T-skjorte er tilbake grunnet høy popularitet.
Vi har fortsatt alle størrelser, dame- og herremodell. By hva du ønsker og ha det skikkelig moro når du byr.

The winner get our famous

The original version from the video above:

@BabsBoard - We fix everything

Hello everybody,



You are the winner of our auction 14 Issue 5 @GaGaGo
Du er vinneren av vår auksjon 14 Utgave 5 @GaGaGo

Just send 34 STEEM to the Wallet of @BabsBoard. In the memo you write your name, address + Model and size. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only we and you that can read it.

Bare send 34 STEEM til lommeboken (Wallet) til @BabsBoard. I Memo feltet skriver du navn, adresse + modell og størelse. Hvis du ikke vil at andre skal se hva du skriver, starter du med # i Memo feltet. Da er det bare vi og du som kan lese hva du skrev.

The Upvote Apparatus will now summon people to come and give you CachBack.
Upvote apparatet vil nå tilkalle folk for å komme å gi deg CashBack.

Regards from
@BabsBoard - We fix everything

Hello sir @babsboard,

Finally, I got the famous t-shirt, which is a great pleasure and I am honored to have it, I really adore this place named Garage sale, I would like to thank everyone who is keen to make it a more beautiful place.
I have transferred the money to @babsboard.


Warm greetings to you


So happy for you dear sister, you made it, wish me good luck to got it too some day.

Thank you, my little sister, I am sure of your willpower and your determination, you will certainly get it very soon.


Yes, I want another T-shirt 14 SBD - Ja, en T-skjorte til 14 SBD

I guesstimate 53 Upvotes - Jeg gjetter 53 Upvotes

A joke about the bid and have fun part:

  • Do you know where you get the biggest CashBack?
    ~ At the gas station?
  • Ha ha ha, have you ever heard of a @Babsboard gas station?

En vits om dette å by og ha skikkelig moro:

  • Vet du hvor du får den største CashBack?
    ~ På bensinstasjonen?
  • Ha ha ha, har du hørt om @Babsboard bensinstasjon noen gang?

Hi @babsboard! Happy to be the first bidder, I love this song too « cheb Khaled »
My bid is 8 sbd

Happy birthday @AmalMez (I know I am too late)

I am also happy because I got the things I bought from you.

Also thanks for the extra things you put in the wooden box.

To everybody: It is a pleasure to by from @AmalMez ,now you know.

Regards and have a nice day
@Ramta Reddington

Hello Sir @ramta!
Thank you very much for wishing me happy birthday,
Good reception, happy to have your acknowledgment of receipt
and I'm happy to do business with you.


I hope you like the things, and that they meet your expectations.
Best regards!

Amal since I am your big sister, can you tell me what the thing is, I just joke😆 and wish you good luck in what you are doing😉✌

Hello @GaGaGo big sister

I have much to tell you today:

  • Do not ask your little sister about our secrets! They are sweet and innocent (uncorrupted by evil, malice, or wrongdoing).
  • I have enjoyed reading your posts. They make me want to go visit Morocco.
  • You Upvote too early, if you Upvote before 30 minutes you do not get all the money. Shame on you wasting money like that. You simply give them to me before 30 minutes. Tell your friends about it!
  • I want you to put up a new add for something you want to sell. I think I will by it if you give CashBack. I trust you now because of your little sister.

    As your sister said to me in the wooden box:
    With Best Wishes, to you and your family.
    @Ramta Reddington

Hello dear @Ramta
Your comment made me very happy, and I have the honor to communicate with you, thank you very much for your valuable advice and I will definitely apply it and tell my friends about it, and of course thanks to my younger sister to make you trust me 😊.
I am very sure that I have something that will appeal to you, i love to have everything related to heritage and traditions, especially since I live in a tourist city in the first place, it is full of tourists from all over the world, they admire this city called {Tineghir}, you can search for it on the Internet.

I just want to ask you where I can put the link of the subject I will put for sale, I put it here or somewhere else?

Once again, I thank you for your appreciation

Thank you for the video, it seems to be an interesting series because I am a fan of watching foreign series and currently I am following the series sherlock on netflix in my spare time.

My respect and greetings


Hello again dear @GaGaGo

Just put what you have for sale in Reply to the main post Issue 5.

The reason I have a video about Reddington (the blacklist) in the end of my post all the time is that @Barbro told me she was thinking of me every time she saw an episode. She said Reddington was like me. I looked at it and saw that she was right. We even look alike, only that I am a taller person - 195 cm.

My respect and greetings to you too
@Ramta Reddington

Hello @ramta!
Thank you very much for the confidence you put in me, it's an honor for me.
I confirm you that with my big sister you will found the same and more honesty and integrity.
I hope we managed to attract our friends in steemit to visit Morocco, especially in this period with the beautiful climate of spring.


Have a good week 🦋
Best regards

Happy birthday Amal ;)

Hello @Babsboard,

My new bid for the t-shirt is 29 SBD


Hi @babsboard!
I’m back with a new bid
I always want to have this t-shirt, I hope that this time I will be lucky to have it.
I guesstimate this post will get 39 Upvotes.

Man kan aldri få nok av disse t-skjortene! Jeg byr 13 SBD / I bid 13 SBD.

hi @babsboard
I like the song (Aïcha) of the singer cheb khaled

my bid for t-shrit is 21 SBD

my guesstimate this post will get 37 Upvotes


my bid is 26 SBD

Hi @BabsBoard, thank you so much for arranging this extraordinary auction for us.
My BID for this cool t-shirt is 23 SBD.


My guesstimate this post will get 61 Upvotes.

Hi everybody,

My new bid is 25 SBD

Hi everybody,
My new offer is :

24 SBD

I guesstimate this post will get 43 Upvotes.


Hei dear @Babsboard,
Happy to participate in this wonderful auction again

My offer is 10 SBD

hi @babsboard
I really like the Algerian singer Cheb Khaled and his songs
my offer for the famous t-shrit is 17 SBD

my guesstimate this post will get 46 Upvotes
good weekend

Hello @babsboard hello guys

I have a strong belief that I will have this t-shirt someday and that's why I'll keep trying to get it

My first BID IS 12 SBD


Hello guys

My new bid is : 23SBD

I guesstimate this post will get 46 Upvotes.

My new bid is 27 SBD 📣🔨 image

Here i am hello everybody,

I will make my bid and I sing this song that I know well " Aicha ecoute moi"

My bid is 9 SBD

And as you know i'll never give up

Hi @babsboard and @everydaycoach

Here I am again for bidding this famous T-shirt

I bid 20 SBD

I guesstimate this post will get 6o Upvotes.


By the way, the name of my wife is Aicha so I offer her the song above ;)

Best regards

Hello to my sister in law aicha 😉

This time I am gona win this @Steemit t-shirt. My bid is 22 sbd.
My guess this post will gets 48 upvote.


Hi @babsboard and @everydaycoach !
I will always try and I bid 10 SBD

Regards @Redouanemez

33 SBD image

Hello everybody,

My new bid is 32


Hi everybody here,

I have an USB flash drive 32 GB for sale. It's a Toshiba Brand new and it's still in its packaging.

The price is 10 STEEM


Check the related post here : https://steemit.com/sale/@hasmez/usb-flash-drive-for-sale
Every SBD and STEEM generated from this comment and the related poste in the link above will be transferred to the buyer.

Best regards

Hello @HasMez

I would love to buy your Toshiba 32 GB with your CashBack offer.
Just tell me I got the deal and I will transfer the money.

Thank you for your help with educating people. I will never forget that.

There is a Ramta Reward for you somewhere else in this post.

Again thank you very much
@Ramta Reddington

Hi @ramta,

It's a pleasure for me to share knowledge. there is a lot of people out there who can't get the real and honest information easily. so I think it's not good to keep it for myself. Hence I always try to simplify the information and give it to others.


In regards to my offer here, I'm very happy to say that you got the deal. Just send me your name and adresse and the USB flash drive will soon arrive to you.

Thank you very much for your reward above. Me too, I will never forget you support.

Best regards

Hi again @Ramta,

The package has been sent this morning. Hope you receive it in good condition.


I have also sent in the package a modest surprise. Hope you like it.

Best regards

This most ve one of the best and most honest responses ever made in in a political discussion. Why does so few dear to be like this, afraid of loosing media time? Afraid of telling the truth? Afraid of standing out in the crowd? Well why not just do it like hi does here. Many can learn from him. Be honest and call a nickel as a nickel! 01235D8F-EEA7-42AA-A929-12BAE094D5CF.jpeg

If i am not wrong, he forgot one major thing, The US leads the world in number one of gun deaths per Year. In fact, it's nearly three times ahead of the next country on the list, Serbia.

Unbelievable information, simply extraordinary. I never watched anything like it in American mainstream Television . Hats of to the actor Jeff Daniels & its creator Aaron Sorkin for this extraordinary footage.
And thank you so much @Ramta Reddington for sharing this video with us.

Hi everybody!
This necklace that I already put for sale, and since it is not sold yet, I put it on sale again.
A silver necklace 2 pieces in 1.
Price: 45 SBD
"CASHBACK IS THE KING" = all SBD generated from this post.
For more information I invite you to take a look at the original post HERE

best regards

Hello @AmalMez

I want to buy this silver necklace 2 pieces in 1 and I love that you have the best CashBack.

I will transfer the money when you tell me I got the deal.

The video today is a Norwegian singer and comedian - Kristian Valen. He makes his own songs but he also imitates almost every singer in the world. Here he imitates Chris Isaak famous song Wicked Game.
Have a good laugh:

With Best Wishes
@Ramta Reddington

Hello @ramta!
Of course the necklace will be yours and also the famous Cashback.
It interests me a lot to do business with you sir.
Happy to satisfied your expectations


Yes I know the song wicked game - Chris Isaak, it's my brother @hasmez who made me discover this style of old song, it's a funny version 😄
Best regards

Hello again @AmalMez

The money is transferred and I will wait for the necklace to arrive.

So you have a big sister and now I learn that @HasMez is your brother. Is he younger or older than you and your sister?

Kristian Valen doing Ozzy Osbourne , and Lita Ford:

Regards and say hello to your sister and brother
@Ramta Reddington

Hi @ramta,

I am older than @gagago;
@gagago is older than @redouanemez;
And @redouanemez is older than @amalmez

Best regards

Hello @Ramta

Ooh yes it's the family hierarchy, and we have other brothers and sisters who are not yet penetrated the world of steemit😊😆

Hello @ramta!
I received the money, and also your address.

I'm going to send you the necklace once I go home, because I came to my mother's house in another city, I'm traveling to took my son to see his grandmother for a few days, once I go home I send it to you as soon as possible.

Happy to close a new business with you, it's an honor


Best regards

Hi @amalmez,

It's better to set a precise date when to send the item to @ramta.
In regards to the garage sale issue 4 auction, just send 24 SBD to @everydaycoach. I'm sure you will have the cashback because you are dealing with honest people here. Remember that it remains only 4 days to be upvoted.
Excuse me if I interfere with your business, it's just a big brother's advice!
The last decision is yours.

Enjoy your trip to Meknes

Hi @hasmez!

With pleasure my dear brother,
The mail I will send it scheduled within 15 days,
And for the auction of pots as i do not have enough sbd, I asked sir @everydaycoach to give me time until I got the cashback, and saw that now i have received the payment from sir @ramta of course I am going to settle things, and I apologize again to @everydaycoach, I would not want to hinder your work. Honesty and integrity are my principles.

Thank you very much for your understanding and happy to close deals with you.
Best regards

Hello everybody

I want to sell these traditional products which is Manufactured here in Tinghir, Morocco, where this city is famous for its traditional and diverse culture that reflects the original Amazigh culture in this mountainous region, which is located in the middle of Morocco, especially in the southeast of the country.

Each of these products is for sale symbolizing something special.


For more details about each item please click on this link :


Note : I will enclose these products with surprises to the buyer 😉😊

The price required for these products is : 50 steem

And of course I will not forget the famous Kashback

Best Regards @Gagago

Hello @GaGaGo

Yes, give me these products with surprises and the famous CashBack!

I want one of them as a gift. I can not say to whom because she is on Steemit.

I will send the money right away when you tell me I got the deal.

When I woke up today (very late) I thought somebody shot me but it was only the flu. So if it is something wrong with my writing you know why.

I have so much to say to you all the time:
Never Upvote your own comments. The reason is that if you do that @gentlebot and @thing-2 will not Upvote you. They only Upvote peoples comments but never if you have Upvoted your own comment. You have several comments where @gentlebot Upvoted you when you did not Upvote yourself. Can you see it?
When they vote you will also attract more other voters because they want to attract them too. @gentlebot and @thing-2 is programmed robots.

Regards to you and your family
@Ramta Reddington

Hello sir @Ramta,

I sent to you the cashback immediately after I got it and If I should also send you a steem power Which accompanies the SBD's please tell me how to do this because as a beginner I do not know much yet about the dealings here and of course thank you very much for your advice and guidance.


Regards @gagago

Dear @GaGaGo

You are one of the most honest person I have met. I want to call you a Lady (that is a way of showing great respect in my country) hope that is okay with you.

So Lady @GaGaGo the Steem Power is always yours. The Steem Power is the way to earn more and more, never give it away. Steem Power does so many things that I will make a post about it later. Right now I am too busy.
The easy way to say it is: Steem Power is the name of the game!

Regards to Lady @GaGaGo
@Ramta Reddington

Hi Dear @Ramta Reddington

wow !! I am very affected that you call me "Lady" especially by someone of value like you, it's really too nice of you, this is of course taken from your nobility, and your good morals, and the fact that you call me "Lady" that drives me to respect and appreciate you more and more.
I thank you for your answer to my question and this is a great honor for me, I will remain faithful to your advice and your new.

Accept my greetings and respect



Hello sir @Ramta!
I’am looking forward to your post about Steem Power, because I like to learn from you, and I know that you are a professional person and generous with the fact that you share information and you help easily.
And also I would like to thank you, you and the other Steemit’s friends, of the huge upvotes you gave me on my comment of the guesstimate winner.


Best regards

Hi @Ramta,

I would like to know if I can send you Steem Power and have your upvote for my last post?

If it's possible, how can I send Steem Power directly to you without going through Blocktrades?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Dear @ramta

Yesterday, I sent you 0.5 SBD for upvote but i didn't get any upvote from you.

Please upvote this post or refund this SBD

I am not a rich man like you. If you refund this , i will thankful to you.

Here is my transaction proof

Hello @ramta,

I sent you the package by recommended send, the post agent told me that the article would reach you after approximately 12 days, I hope you will receive the shipment in good conditions.

Please accept my distinguished greetings.



Many thanks @ramta for the valuable infotmation about @gentlebot and @thing-2! Didn't know this before!


Hello sir @ramta!

As I always say, I learn from you since my first step on steemit, and here you give us a very rich new information. thank you very much for the interest you put at our disposal, it's very generous of you.

For the gift that you want to give to a steemit’s friend, i noticed that you said "she" so i guess i know whom, because you already mentioned me one day that you have a friend on steemit who knows you very well

Best regards

Hello @ramta,

First and foremost, I wish you a speedy recovery from this seasonal disease called flu, and strongly advise you to take fresh ginger juice with lemon and a little honey is a 100% effective natural medicine and of course take a break that will make your health definitely improve Quickly.

Second, make sure that I am very pleased to tell you that you have got the deal. It is a great honor for me to deal with you and it is a great honor to be impressed by what I have presented and hope that this will be the beginning of an ongoing and lasting relationship with you.

And of course I will be keen to provide a surprises and the famous Cashback.
I would like to thank you very much for your very valuable advice, which I need very much because I'm still just a beginner in this wonderful world of Steemit.

I will send the package today afternoon or at the latest tomorrow morning.

Last but not least, I liked the lyric of this song, I feel that it has a profound meaning reflecting human conflicts with life in general, I see that they want to deliver a message behind the words and the way of filming the original clip.

Once again I wish you a speedy recovery and accept my respect and appreciation for you and your family.

Regards @gagago

Hi again @gagago,

First of all congratulations you sell your items! And I wish you more success on steemit in the future!

I want to stress here, for you and any one here in the garage sales issues, a topic mentioned by @ramta in a comment replying to you. It's curation rewards and the fact that It's better to upvote after 30 mn of publication. I have already discussed this with @amalmez but I did not have the opportunity to discuss this subject with you. So thanks to @ramta for pointing to this.

Now I see you understood and began to upvote the good way. Look at the details of my comment :


With only an upvote value of 0.002 you have got 0.006 steem power. So be three times the value of your upvote because you have upvoted at the right time. You can get more if I have been upvoted by an orca or a whale. And you would get more if you have more steem power. So the big advice I will give you now is to POWER UP!
Below you will see another example :


Compare my upvote value with my curation reward. I have already gained more than 0.100 only with an upvote value of 0.015 in other cases.

For a detailed information about curation rewards, check this page : https://steemit.com/basictraining/@vaansteam/upvoting-rules-you-must-know

Good luck for you and for anyone here at the garage sale page

Hello @hasmez
Thanks for your effort to clarify things with these details I also inform you that as long as your Steem Power is great as long as you are going to earn a lot more in Curation

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Hi @hasmez,

Thank you very much for this valuable information especially by using a simplified method of explanation.
Of course, I will not forget to thank @Ramta again for his golden tips, which illuminate our path, which we hope will continue to provide us with, whenever possible.


Oh what a comment!

This is what is called quality content! Just to tell @ramta he got the deal, you write all this comment!

by continuing this way, and continuing to publish as you did in your blog, I am sure you will succeed on steemit.

Go go @gagago!

Thank you very much @hasmez for this compliment and your encouragement and for the support you give me all the time dear brother. image

Hello dear @ramta

Yesterday I have received the steems, as well as your address and I will be working this morning to send the Postal package to you. When I will send it, I will immediately inform you.
I am happy to deal with you and hope that this will be the beginning for continuous and permanent deals.

My warm regards to you.


Yet another set of 3 felt pots on auction - Auction Closed

Have you still not brought this fantastic pots, do it now:-)

This is perfect for planting you vegetables 🌶 tomato 🍅 paprika,olive three or garden flowers 🌺

Give a bid and make sure to secure this cool items

Go to this adress to see the full post click here

Best regards @EveryDayCoach and enjoy the sun as I do here is Spain

my bid 24 SBD image

You are the winner of auction this auction @frufiffi

Just send 24 SBD to @everydaycoach. In the memo you write your name, address and country. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only @everydaycoach and you that can read it.

The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you CachBack.

Hi @everydaycoach. The money is transfered and im looking forward to do more deals with you and @babsboard. Also nice to see that @ramta is back on his feet’s again. Best regards @frufiffi image


Hi @everydaycoach,

I bid 9 SBD for this fantastic pots


Have a nice trip to SPAIN! You are by my side then :) I enjoy the sun as you do!

Best regards

My bid for these beautiful grow pots are 4 SBD. 240_F_27342516_LL2oB7ejbvbNFmamDljmqJkgMe0D68vH.jpg

hi @babsboard and @everydaycoach
I want to buy these three amazing pots.

My bid is 23 SBD

I want to plant some seeds on those cool looking pots. My bid is 6 SBD. 240_F_85971651_2HrNqumUDWIeeCE483PWNHFJA1zz52ey.jpg

Hi, for this fantastic pots i bid 3 SBD image

I bid 10 sbd for these pots. TMPDOODLE1523875264833.jpg

My new offer is 15 sbd for those awesome Pots. TMPDOODLE1523878334344.jpg

After wining this bid i am gona grow some Paprika plant in these pots. So i raise my bid for these pots to 20 sbd. TMPDOODLE1523909082631.jpg

I raise my bid for these cool looking grow pots to 14 sbd. 240_F_68259567_Sji3tjWamV9bB245OIBahmATuWYamgZ4.jpg

I need those grow pots, so i raise my bid to 12 SBD. 240_F_27342516_LL2oB7ejbvbNFmamDljmqJkgMe0D68vH.jpg

I need those pots for my rooftop garden thats why i raise my bid. My new bid is 16 sbd. 240_F_27342516_LL2oB7ejbvbNFmamDljmqJkgMe0D68vH.jpg

I hope this time i win this bid because i need those strong pots for garden. I raise my bid to 19 SBD. 240_F_84203250_MaXIHGqz6ZBFOVKIwAtBOteAgPfGDYEQ.jpg

Raise my bid to 22 SBD for these beautiful & strong grow pots . 240_F_159648411_DIN5iKbRkcwmLoPc7KSdKZCuioqLeDih.jpg

I raise my bid. My new bid is 21 SBD. 240_F_199086456_xEaYnWlgDQrYbyOwuYdGSrE1nKr9W1KJ.jpg

My new offer for those waterproof grow pots are 17 SBD. TMPDOODLE1523899501535.jpg

Hello everyone

I put on sale this week traditional Moroccan bag

we do not forget the famous cash back

the post link:https://steemit.com/norway/@hope-espoir/for-sale-traditional-moroccan-bags
Best regards @hope-espoir

Thank you for your post. :) I have voted for you: 🎁! To call me just write @contentvoter in a comment.

Hello @ContentVoter

I am testing what this is about?