Kim Jung Un is a Bodysnatched Reptilian Warlord

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Kim 2.jpe

Global Domination.. National Tyranny.. Wonton Soup.. These are just 3 of the things that a power crazed Alien psychopath enjoy.

For some years the Human races has been made more and more aware of Extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. The Reptilians

infiltrate Planetary systems by possessing and inhabiting a Human vessel.. particularly on mostly Humans in positions of political

power. This theory is a writhing concoction that may be easily dismissed as "Hocus Pocus" psychobabble! However under more

Ancient Historical understanding the Naga or Reptilians race is in all actuality VERY plausible and very probable.

My 3 Primary Interests On the Subject of Kim Jung Un's Celestial Origins:

                1) Does Kim  have Rh- bloodtype?

                2) Does Kim like Blood orgies?

                3) Does Kim like to Eat Human beings?

Kim 4.jpg

Kim 5.jpg


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Keep it up -- I find that talking about what truly interest me is best. You'll find your audience, keep it real (so to speak).

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