Democrats in North Carolina are opposed to assisting ICE with deportations

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This is not so unusual as it seems that Democrats around the country are opposed to deporting illegal immigrants. For me, it seems a little ridiculous for anyone to be opposed to not allowing illegal immigrants in a country. I will admit that I have very little in the way of international experience, but Americans living illegally in other countries would also be forced to leave said country so I really do not understand how anyone an look at this recent bill and be opposed to it.

The cynic in me believes that Democrats are "shopping for voters" and using minorities as a method of accomplishing this. I also believe they are using anything they possibly can to try to make conservatives, as well as any conservative notions, appear racist when in reality the protection of a nation's sovereignty is something that is important and implemented around the world.

When you hear about what the bill actually is it just seems crazy to me that anyone can see this as even remotely "racist."


The new bill, which has just passed in the North Carolina Senate and will then head to the House where the GOP also has a majority and it is expected to pass. However, this bill has seen the rounds before and since we have a Democrat governor he will likely utilize his veto powers to kill it. This is all just political grandstanding and you can be all but guaranteed that the word "racist" will be thrown around a lot in order to gain support with what I believe to be outright lies.

The way the bill works is like this: If someone is arrested for a felony or DUI (driving under the influence) their immigration status will be checked and if it is determined that the person is in the United States illegally, they will be turned over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for potential deportation. I have a really hard time understanding why it is that anyone would have a problem with this. Not only is the person committing a crime, but they are also in the country illegally. Where is the issue here?

If someone manages to be in this, or any other country illegally, is it really too much to ask that they keep a low profile and, I dunno, not commit felonies? Is that really an outrageous demand to ask of people.

The Democrats in North Carolina are just doing what they have always done and that is to try to peg anything that is sponsored or created by Republicans as being racist any time they possibly can. Every single Democrat in the Senate - who are all from urban areas, voted against this bill using the words "racist" and "discriminatory" as many times as possible. They did not address the fact that the people who would be affected by this are generally violent offenders that the state is going to have to pay money to house in prisons. That's taxes folks, your taxes, my taxes, being spent to keep someone in jail who isn't even supposed to be in the country in the first place.


The usual suspects in the media used this opportunity to exploit children as well, going as far as to use the above image, which isn't even from North Carolina and was taken 3 years ago in a completely unrelated scenario, to try to push the untrue narrative that Republicans are so racist that they don't care about children.

This is sheer partisan madness and it is in every state. I live in one of the few states that has a close to 50% mix of conservatives and liberals in the state legislature and this is where the lies seem to be the most common. Hopefully people our there are intelligent enough to see through the obvious political grandstanding that is going on here... but unfortunately, I don't think that is the case.

When I look at social media I see people parroting exactly what "their side" told them to think. I try to remain as neutral as possible in these instances and also realize that since I am conservative that I am going to tend to side with conservative ideals but it is a bit frustrating to me that just about anything will result in the pulling of the race card any opportunity that the left gets.

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