CNCN’s Dr. Reiner: Cloth Masks Are Not Effective Against COVID — They Are ‘Fashion’

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CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner said Wednesday on “The Lead” that cloth masks were “fashion” and do not protect against COVID-19.

BLASPHEMY!!! If a cloth mask doesn't work what about a bandana?


Masks...we barely knew yah. A couple of years of mandate and now the blush is off the rose. was barely two years ago....
ABC says

Don't be skeptical of masks: they work


Unmasking the Mask Conspiracy Theories

Since the very beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been reluctant to wear masks for seemingly pointless reasons. The idea of wearing face masks has not been an easy one to accept for some people; some individuals wear masks without question, while others are a bit more hesitant to wear *a simple cloth covering over their face when they go outside. *

A simple cloth covering

That's the thing. Some people can thing. Some people can do math. Those people know that if a mask was tight enough to keep out a virus then it would also be tight enough that your lungs wouldn't be strong enough to pull enough air thru it to breath.


If the holes in the cloth were big enough to breath through


The guberment is NOW recommending ONLY wearing N95 or better, and they need to fit right. Fitting right means fitting tight and fitting tight ENOUGH means it'll leave redmarks on your face, possibly bruises.

It seems to me that it's a whole lot of commotion over a disease that's 99% survivable in healthy people.

Then there's this




The news media had to find a way to keep the numbers up, to keep the masks on until Biden was elected .

Now he is and masks are no longer needed.

But what about this?

Woman arrested after refusing to wear a mask in a Texas bank

Teen arrested for not wearing mask

Man has heart attack while cuffed for not wearing mask: report

There's been hundreds if not thousands of cases such as that where thinking individuals were arrested. Perhaps 'defund the police' has some attraction?

and this

Face Mask–Related Injuries Rose Dramatically in 2020

Pandemic Caused Face Mask-Related Work Injuries in 2020

Thinking people have even been attacked by knuckle dragging legacy media believers

Woman Brutally Attacked With Hammer for Wearing Mask

Chucky attacks woman on the train for not wearing a mask

The number of times thinking people were assaulted, either physically or verbally, by the police, politicians, and the news media is uncountable. Should they be held accountable?


Add religous persecution to the list.

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