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Decided to make a few hot cakes for breakfast and I was thinking about how a friend in Germany is telling me about the same problems there as I have here. For me that is living the Nomadic life on of the most insulting things to see is being denied access to public land. image Or even worse getting access but not being able to leave the road because of miles and miles of fence and it's not to keep the animals off the road but us away from nature. image Thus land has been here for thousands of years before us and we'll be here for thousands of years after us. So what gives someone the right to keep me off of it. As far as I'm concerned the only rights any one person has to the land is the right to be put back into it when we die. image image it now wonder each new generation gets farther away from nature. We are slowly being cut off by government and people with lots of money. With there actions its understandable that are youth today only sees these little spots as a place to party and has lost the respect of the natural surroundings.

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Far be it from me to defend the government ... but in this case, the fence and gates are there for two purposes, neither nasty.

  1. The fencing segments the forest for cattle grazing. Different ranchers get rights to put their cattle on different sections.

  2. The gates are closed to some roads over the winter to keep people from getting their vehicles stuck in snow and mud, and also to keep 4WD from tearing up the forest roads when their muddy and wet. Those gates and roads will be open soon. Not sure when, but I think May 1 at latest.

You're totally free to walk in.

Agenda 21- close of all nature for human access and confine us to smart citys 😠

Yeah there's two thoughts isn't there - it's ours, we have the right to love and enjoy and walk/drive in it - or someone is actually protecting it from fuckers that ruin it, which sadly, is the case a lot of the time - more people, more problems. Jsut kinda ruins it for people who totally do the right thing.


That is the biggest problem. Everytime I think I found a place no one has been I find trash


Well i guess all we can do is clean it up and lead by example. It sucks that people behave like that. I never understand it.