Visiting the Grand Canyon w/ The Nomad Man

in nomad •  5 months ago

Today on my long journey back home to Washington I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time with my traveling buddy, Jeremiah (@nomadman).

In the next video we'll be attempting to repair my truck in the middle of nowhere. Should be fun!


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wow nice! I didn't realize you could drive up so close, I had imagined that one would have to hike to see the canyon =). Thanks for showing this!


Glad you enjoyed it, Eve!

I loved the SW desert when I was out in the States. It's just an awesome area. I think your camera captured the expanse, for me it did anyway, brought back memories: you just don't have that kind of horizon anywhere in the UK!

Are you on you're way back to Washington DC or State BTW?

Love that you powered up over getting your fuel pump sorted, now that's steem dedication!


The southwest is breathtaking! What do you think is the best geographical location in the UK?

I'm on my way to Washington state.

Haha, I did buy an extra fuel pump in case the current one fails after we cleaned it, but I used fiat instead of Steem. I don't want to use Steem to buy too much while the price is so low.


Hmm, north via the Rocky Mountains or the Pacific Coast... I'd probably go mountains personally. Bit of an Eastward detour maybe, but lovely at this time of year.

In the U.K. - personally I think it's hard to beat the Gower Peninsula or Pembrokeshire... basically West Wales. Welsh boarders are nice too. As a place to live, probably welsh borders.

Not quite as spoilt for choice for wilderness as you are in the US!

You can always hop on your bike if the truck doesn't work out. Might be a bit crowded though. Good luck with the truck repair.


That's a big reason why I got the bike. I can get about 80 miles on one tank, so likely a town will be in reach wherever I am.

We managed to fix the truck, for now at least. I'll upload that video tomorrow.

A car lets you see a lot of places you couldn't otherwise. It sucks that they require so much paper-work and cost.

I'd love to travel around in that nomad van you spotted.


Ya, you have to pay for a license to drive, registration, insurance, gas and maintenance. I'm considering transitioning to a motorized bike with a weak enough engine to be considered a moped. Maybe someday I'll go 100% on foot.

That van certainly looked comfortable!


Just picked up a nomad french press. You can heat the water in the stainless steel outside, super lightweight for travelling.


That looks amazing! I'd definitely be using it if I weren't allergic to coffee :(

Why is the audio so bad ?