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This account will be used to notify people when they are responding to @noganoo or one of his many alt accounts that he uses for nefarious purposes.


Initial list of accounts:
@a00, @a1r, @a55, @abroad, @absolute, @abug, @acai, @acceptable, @accepted, @accurate, @active, @addicted-to-you, @adm1n, @admire, @admission, @adopt, @adorable, @adore, @advanced, @advantage, @advise, @affection, @agenda, @agility, @ahoy, @aide, @alliance, @alluring, @almighty, @alturist, @analyze, @a-ok, @apostle, @apparent, @appeal, @approval, @aragorn, @array, @arwen, @asleep, @assert, @astar, @astronaut, @ats, @attach, @attached, @augury, @await, @award, @awp, @b00, @b0b, @b0ss, @b0tn3t, @b0x, @b0y, @b1t, @b3rry, @backed, @backer, @bacteria, @baked, @ball, @ballista, @banhammer, @barrelroll, @barrier, @basket, @battery, @bb-8, @beam, @beams, @beetle, @beetles, @being, @bend, @beside, @besides, @better-half, @bey, @birthday, @bishop, @bittersweet, @bluff, @bold, @bolt, @boot, @bosom, @botman, @botnetwork, @bouncer, @bowl, @boyfriend, @breakfast, @bricked, @bride, @brilliant, @bromir, @brush, @brushing, @bubbles, @bugs-bunny, @bul, @bulbul, @butter, @buttercup, @c00l, @c0m, @c0p, @c0w, @c-3po, @cabin, @cabinet, @cable, @calculation, @captin, @captive, @caring, @carjack, @cas1n0, @cas1no, @casin0, @catbus, @catnip, @cave, @ce0, @cedar, @cellphone, @cement, @ch1na, @challanger, @channel, @chapters, @character, @charge, @charming, @chateau, @cheek, @cheer, @chemical, @chest, @children, @chips, @chivalry, @civilian, @civilization, @civilized, @clarion, @classy, @clean, @clementine, @clever, @cleverbot, @cloak, @cloth, @clues, @coast, @coaster, @cognitive, @cold, @colonial, @colony, @comfort, @command, @command-center, @commander, @commands, @comment, @competitive, @compound, @concert, @confusion, @consumer, @container, @continued, @control, @cooks, @co-op, @copy, @corrupt, @cosmonaut, @couch, @counseling, @counter, @cover, @creature, @creatures, @crib, @crit, @critic, @crucial, @crystal-ball, @ctrl, @cud, @cuddle, @d00, @d0g, @d0n, @d0s, @d0t, @d1e, @daffy.duck, @damage, @dau, @dear, @dearest, @deed, @deeply, @defeat, @defence, @defend, @defendant, @delay, @delight, @deliver, @delivery, @deputy, @desert, @deserve, @desperate, @detailed, @detect, @devoted, @dew, @dexters, @dimension, @dirt, @dirtless, @diviner, @division, @dominate, @donor, @doubledecker, @dragonborn, @drama, @dramatic, @dreaming, @drift, @driven, @druid, @dual, @ducky, @dunk, @dust, @dwarf, @dye, @dynamite, @e00, @e12, @e21, @e23, @e24, @e28, @e30, @e32, @e34, @e36, @e38, @e39, @e46, @e60, @e61, @e70, @e91, @eager, @ed-209, @educate, @efficient, @eg0, @elderly, @elected, @elventroll, @elves, @embrace, @emotion, @emotions, @employer, @enchanter, @endless, @enhance, @enjoy, @enjoyment, @entrance, @entry, @equally, @esh, @essential, @estonia, @ethical, @evilbot, @exact, @exceed, @excellent, @excited, @exciting, @exhibit, @exist, @existance, @existing, @expect, @extension, @extra, @exy, @f00, @f01, @f02, @f03, @f0x, @f10, @f11, @f12, @f13, @f15, @f16, @f1n, @f1sh, @f20, @f21, @f22, @f23, @f25, @f30, @f31, @f32, @f34, @f35, @f3w, @f45, @f46, @factor, @factory, @fairness, @familiar, @fandom, @favor, @fearless, @feast, @feds, @feeling, @fellow, @fewer, @fifth, @figure, @figwit, @find, @fingers, @firm, @first-class, @fitting, @flaming, @flat, @flavor, @flee, @floater, @flood, @floppy, @flour, @flurry, @fold, @followup, @follow-up, @fond, @fondness, @force, @formal, @fort, @fortitude, @fortunate, @fortuneteller, @found, @fountain, @freshman, @friendship, @from, @frozen, @fuel, @fundamental, @furthermore, @g00d, @g00gl3, @g00gle, @g0d, @g3t, @gad, @gain, @gal, @gam3, @garlic, @gautama, @gaze, @gears, @general.store, @genetic, @gentle, @gently, @geohot, @ghostbusters, @gifted, @gimli, @glorious, @glove, @glue, @goblin, @goodfellas, @good-looking, @goodyear, @graceful, @grain, @grandfather, @grandmaster, @grave, @great, @greatest, @greet, @grip, @gromit, @groom, @groot, @ground, @growl, @guarantee, @guideline, @gull, @gunman, @gunshot, @h0dl, @h0t, @h1gh, @h1p, @h3art, @h8d, @habit, @habitat, @hacked, @hangover, @harbor, @harmless, @hat, @hate, @haunted, @have, @haw, @hazard, @headline, @hearted, @hearts, @helm, @helpful, @helping, @herald, @here, @heroic, @h-i, @hic, @hid, @hideout, @highlight, @highway, @hint, @historian, @hitman, @hobbit, @hod, @hole, @holy, @homie, @honestly, @honeymoon, @honor, @honored, @hony, @hood, @horn, @horns, @hose, @hoster, @hot-dog, @hour, @h-p, @h-q, @hum, @hurry, @hypnotist, @i-1, @icon, @ideal, @i-heart-you, @ilive, @i-m, @imply, @impressive, @inch, @include, @increase, @increased, @increasing, @incredible, @indication, @inflation, @ingredient, @inn, @inner, @innocent, @inquiry, @insane, @inspector, @integrate, @intellect, @intense, @intern, @into, @inverted, @invoker, @involved, @irk, @iroc-z, @irresistible, @ish, @j0y, @j3t, @j3w, @jail, @jeans, @jig, @jog, @join-the-botnet, @join-the-botnet , @journal, @joyful, @jug, @juggle, @junkie, @k1ng, @k3y, @k-9, @karthus, @keen, @keep, @keg, @keygen, @killer, @kiw, @knife, @knock, @l00t, @l0l, @l0v3, @l0ve, @l0w, @l1fe, @l1t, @laboratory, @lack, @lah, @lake, @lakes, @land, @landing, @lara.croft, @later, @latvia, @lav, @lawn, @lawsuit, @layer, @leather, @left, @leg, @legitimate, @legolas, @lemongrass, @lens, @lesser, @leu, @level, @levels, @ley, @lightly, @lineman, @littlemy, @little-my, @living, @loaded, @loading, @lob, @lodge, @lovebot, @loved, @love-ya, @love-you, @lovin, @lul, @lulzsec, @lungs, @lure, @lurker, @lye, @m00, @m00n, @m0d, @m0m, @m1x, @m3n, @machine, @magical, @magician, @magics, @magnetic, @mansion, @marker, @masked, @masses, @mastery, @maybe, @mayor, @mayor.west, @mean, @measure, @medic, @medication, @medium, @megabook, @megaton, @meh, @melodic, @melt, @member-berries, @merch, @meter, @mice, @mild, @milky, @milkyway, @millie, @mined, @mines, @minions, @minute, @missle, @mixture, @mm-hmm, @mockingbird, @modem, @modify, @mon, @moominmamma, @moominpappa, @moomintroll, @mop, @moral, @motive, @motor, @motto, @mount, @move, @mow, @m-tech, @muffins, @mug, @mutual, @m-y, @myth, @n3t, @n3w, @narrative, @naturally, @nay, @necromancer, @need, @nerves, @neu, @neutral, @nid, @nightcrawler, @noise, @nomination, @nominee, @nonetheless, @normally, @northwest, @nothing, @nuke, @oar, @oat, @obi-wan, @obtain, @occupation, @offline, @oft, @often, @ohm, @oioi, @old-man, @olf, @omy, @once, @onions, @oo7, @opt, @optimus, @oregano, @organ, @oscar.the.grouch, @oval, @oven, @over, @overcharge, @overlook, @p00, @p0p, @p0t, @p1e, @pac.man, @pack, @pad, @paint, @paired, @pale, @palms, @pants, @parent, @parking, @particle, @particular, @passenger, @passionate, @patched, @patient, @paused, @paw, @p-c, @peak, @pec, @penman, @peppermint, @pes, @pesant, @pew, @phase, @pickle, @picture, @piety, @pikacu, @pill, @pippi, @pirates, @place, @plate, @playing, @playoff, @plenty, @plot, @plural, @ply, @poet-tree, @pokerface, @pole, @polished, @politeness, @pomegranate, @ponds, @poor, @porky, @port, @pose, @poses, @position, @pr1ze, @prayers, @prefer, @prescription, @pretend, @pride, @priest, @prison, @process, @processor, @productive, @program, @projectile, @promise, @proof, @propeller, @proper, @prospect, @protection, @protein, @proud, @prove, @province, @psyche, @pta, @publisher, @pud, @puke, @pull, @pulley, @pun, @puppet, @purchase, @purifying, @push, @puzzling, @qu3st, @qua, @quack, @qualify, @quarterback, @quest, @quietly, @quit, @r2-d2, @r3d, @rag, @railgun, @railway, @raimo, @ranks, @rares, @ratio, @rayman, @reach, @reader, @ready, @really, @receiver, @redemption, @ref, @reflection, @refuge, @registered, @relate, @related, @relative, @relaxed, @release, @reliable, @relic, @remark, @remote, @rep, @replica, @repute, @request, @reservation, @restore, @restriction, @results, @retire, @rid, @ride, @rifle, @rigour, @risk, @rituals, @riven, @robin.hood, @robotic, @rolemodel, @romantic, @roof, @rookie, @room, @rooster, @roses-are-red, @rot, @rough, @round, @router, @routine, @rue, @ruler, @rumcake, @rumor, @russ1a, @rye, @s0n, @s0s, @s0ur, @s1x, @s33, @s3a, @s3x, @sac, @same, @sand, @satellite, @satisfaction, @satisfying, @scan, @scheme, @scholar, @scream, @scrub, @se0, @seaman, @sector, @secure, @seize, @senator, @senpai, @sensitive, @sequence, @serve, @service, @severe, @shadowline, @shall, @shampoo, @shapes, @sharper, @shed, @shelf, @shelter, @shiny, @ship, @shitsngiggles, @shock, @shore, @shots, @shout, @show, @shower, @shrine, @shuttle, @sidewalk, @similarity, @singer, @singular, @sink, @sir.isaac.newton, @size, @skim, @skin, @slalom, @sleet, @slight, @slips, @slope, @smell, @smoochie, @snap, @snare, @snickers, @sniff, @snork, @snorlax, @snowfall, @snufkin, @soak, @soaked, @so-called, @soh, @soil, @solid, @solve, @some, @soon, @sorcerer, @soulmate, @soup, @sour, @sow, @spaceship, @speak, @speaker, @spearmint, @specialist, @speculate, @speculation, @speedy, @spill, @spirited, @splendid, @split, @spokesman, @sponge, @spoon, @spot, @sprite, @squat, @squeeze, @ssd, @stable, @starfire, @star-lord, @statue, @steemwinner, @steemwinners, @stick, @sto, @stork, @straight, @strain, @string, @stroke, @strong, @stronghold, @stunt, @succeed, @such, @sugar-is-sweet, @suggestion, @suit, @sunglasses, @superior, @sure, @surgeon, @surprising, @survivor, @suspect, @sustain, @svo, @swain, @swans, @sweep, @sweetheart, @swell, @switch, @sylvester, @sympathy, @t0d, @t0p, @t0y, @t1p, @t3n, @t-800, @taa, @tablespoon, @tactics, @take, @tale, @talent, @talented, @tanel, @taste, @taxpayer, @teaspoon, @teenager, @telescope, @temple, @tender, @tent, @textbook, @that, @the.godfather, @theft, @theme, @then, @there, @thief, @those, @thumbs, @ticker, @tidy, @tied, @tik-tok, @tilt, @tincan, @tinman, @tint, @tire, @tired, @tissue, @tog, @tomato, @tongue, @tops, @toss, @toucan, @tourist, @tow, @towlie, @tox, @tr0ll, @trick, @trojan, @truths, @t-shirt, @tsirkus, @tune, @tunnel, @tup, @turbine, @turf, @tw0, @twin, @twinkles, @twins, @twist, @type, @ubgs, @understand, @uniform, @unit, @unite, @unlimited, @unselfish, @uphold, @upper, @urge, @urges, @useful, @uz1, @v0ice, @v1p, @vague, @valiant, @valley, @valuable, @vary, @vau, @vcr, @vehicle, @vendetta, @ventilator, @venture, @veteran, @vikings, @violets-are-blue, @virtue, @virtues, @virtuoso, @viruoso, @virus, @visible, @visual, @vital, @vitamin, @volatile, @v-s, @vum, @w0w, @w1n, @w1se, @w1zard, @w3t, @wag, @wage, @waiter, @waiting, @waitress, @wake, @walk, @wall-e, @want, @warhead, @warm, @warming, @warn, @waw, @week, @weev, @well-kept, @wem, @wey, @wheat, @wheel, @wheels, @whether, @whine, @whisper, @whistle, @whiz, @wholesome, @wid, @widespread, @wig, @windmill, @wingman, @winners, @winning, @wipe, @wise, @wise-man, @wisest, @wishes, @wohoo, @wok, @wonderer, @wooden, @woodpecker, @wordshop, @work, @worm, @worms, @worship, @worthwhile, @worthy, @would, @wound, @wrap, @wub, @x0x, @x0x0, @xmas, @y0da, @yam, @yay, @yew, @yip, @yob, @youre-amazing, @youre-awesome, @z00, @zag, @zezima

These are all nogano's accounts? How did he arrive all of these?

That is allot of passwords to remember/write I'm happy with just one account lol

someone has been busy.

No wonder I couldnt get my username when joining.

too much time on ur hand , to write codes to flag people that say something u dont like. Get off steemit and go outside u fatass.

@dang007 should be flagged for being a racist pig. image

I remember when @noganoo joined steemit, I remember trying to help him....I don't know when he went rogue (or if he did) but I see a lot of hate directed his way and I am not sure why.....someone please tell me WTF is going on....what did he do.....why are so many steemians against him now????

Here's just one recent example from one of his alt accounts:

why are you selfvoting :D

@venuspcs @j3dy

@nogalert account has been created only for one reason. to bullie,flagspam, and spam one specific Steemituser. the creator of this account has his own botflag army with as many or even more accounts than @nogaoo. It is becoming a "@nextgenbernie is watching you" censorship model where a easy tilting psychopath runs the show with shock&destruction, Obey or die approach. maybe a picture says more than 1000 words. I do not agree with @naganoo on many things, but I think what is going on here is a witchhunt. a blockchain version of the middle age "malleus malificarum".

nexgenbernies flag army is protecting his rewardpool milking engine and will destroy everybody who critizizes it. Thats all.


oh yeah, randomwhale started this, naganoo supposedly made it to scam minors or something, bernie saved the day :|

Not very imaginative! He sent me a comment the other day telling me that my friend @ausbitbank wants to kill all of the Jews lol! So if somebody bombs Tel Aviv I guess we know who did it! ROFL!!!

where are your balls man, go make more jewish children. Save those poor souls. It's not like they are being very gentle to palestinians. and to not answer directly to naganoo, holocaust was bad for everybody, jews weren't the only political prisoners, many local people were too. So the holocaust doesn't compare to WW2 it's just a part of it. Where is your heart for all the dead everything. Aren't you miserable, you have no soul :D shaaame :D

What in the fuck are you talking about... are you drunk or just illiterate???

half is me trying to be a troll and being bad at it, half is for naganoo's response. I'm probably both considering people need sleep. Dunno on the time of writing I was probably high on bernie. Plus comments like haven't you heard of that, have you no heart just test my faith.

Sorry for my lack of consideration. I was wondering weather I should leave this, but yeah the asshole was stronger. I tend to step on toes, thank you for the response, sorry for the bullshit once again.

yup totally made an as out of myself there. I suppose I should scratch my bullshit thoughts or just not go to stupid posts in the first place.

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That is a lot of accounts owned by one user. How is this possible and fair for other users on this platform. I can't see how having this many accounts controlled by the one user could be a positive thing.

it's not but when your account gets trashed you can just make more and willy on your way.

So why doesnt somebody delete those accounts? Whould be a llot easy than making a bot to track his activity


lolz well something has to keep you warm at night.

Not geting it

nevermind I'm trying to be an asshole, don't get it. No need to, I used to have some consideration for people.

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lolzzz :D

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