How Can Help Small Businesses To Dominate The Digital World

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We are currently living in an era where the internet is a common necessity for almost all households, especially those from big cities. It allows millions of people to connect and also empowers businesses to promote their products and services all over the world by utilizing social media. The noticeable shift from traditional advertising to online marketing has occurred because of the increased usage of the Internet over time. Because of this, people spend more advertising online than in print media, radio or television. But can all businesses afford the cost to set up campaigns and ads? Nodis, a decentralized online marketing platform will certainly solve this dilemma.

What is Nodis?

Nodis is a blockchain based platform that aims to help local small businesses and startups to get noticed online, boost traffic in the store, and make a unique difference from its competitions through the concept of “Challenge.”

Millennials today are considered as the key growth segment for businesses of all type, and thus 84% of them are inspired by online reviews before buying anything. But accordingly, 47% of Canadian small businesses are not interested in social media marketing due to lack of time, money, or expertise. It significantly reduces their competitiveness against other bigger companies with larger budgets.

How does it work?

Through Nodis unique Challenge system, small businesses and startups can gain access to their targeted audience without spending more. Since the platform is based on blockchain technology, all processes are submitted and validated accurately without the doubt of any manipulation to takes place.

Businesses are allowed to post any challenges of their choice and set criteria. List of challenges will then stream to the platforms EXPLORE page where participants can choose and perform.

After finishing the opted challenge, participants are required to submit a proof of completion where all users inside the platform can vote on whether it qualifies on the event criteria. Both approved participants and voters on the majority side will be rewarded with NODIS tokens.

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Nodis And Blockchain Technology

The team believes that blockchain’s most significant advantage is its ability to remove the middleman and to make decentralization a possibility. Everything else around blockchain is intended to advance that cause, including the utilization of cryptocurrency.

Nodis requires a gatekeeping process to verify all the Challenge submissions. It is to avoid fake or bot entries to earn tokens. To do this, they have opened up the validation process to all the users on the Nodis network. Blockchain specializes in collecting consensus in a transparent and automatic methodology.

By means of their comprehensive smart contract, it will be counting, rewarding, and decentralizing the whole voting process. It efficiently eliminates the necessity for a single point of human overseer in the Challenge submission inspection.

And by decentralizing the voting mechanism and conceding the entire network to assist the validation, they transparently automate the process and reduces the time engagement from business users. It also helps businesses to bypass dealing directly with angry Challenge participants when their submissions are declined.


NODIS token is the native currency of the Nodis platform and works as a rewards program for all those that participate in the goal of our platform. Both Challenge participants and voters are all part of the process to get businesses noticed online. NODIS token is rewarded for the effort and can be applied to purchase vouchers listed by the corresponding businesses who posted the Challenges.


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The Team Behind The Unique Concept

Nodis team is comprised of talented experts in various areas. They are lead by Will Chen and Nathan Mukena, who are both distinguished personalities in the field technology and business.

The team's primary mission is to provide effective assistance to small businesses and startups. That's why they have continual development both technical and marketing scope.


Being all over the internet today is what businesses want to achieve. Anywhere in the world, people are using social media not just for entertainment but to seek ideas about the efficacy of a product and services. With the expensive cost to run a social media campaign, not all can afford and understand this concept. That's why Nodis is the greatest tool that all businesses from the smallest to the largest can accommodate.

The concept of having fun and being rewarded is an allure to every millennial who wants to participate in the challenges provided by the businesses. It is cost-effective, a sure traffic booster, and at the same time, business owners will have lesser time to micromanage their challenges because the platform is built based on the blockchain technology.

The future of Nodis is as bright as its mission - exceptional and promising. With Nodis, every business will surely get noticed.

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