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This is good news for those who actually took part in the just concluded token airdrop by the NOBS team of which popular John MCAfee is believed to be a part.

Following the latest update from their official telegram group chat:

No BS Crypto:
On Monday the $NOBS whitepaper will finally be released to the public. It just got the go-ahead from our lawyers.

On Thursday $NOBS will be listed on its first exchange. It is a top-10 ranked exchange by volume worldwide.

Support is sorting through the KYC submissions for those that didn't get an airdrop. Yes, people are trying to photoshop their IDs, and we are deleting those from our database entirely. Every ID gets manually looked at and scrutinized. If you aren't doing that, then chances are you should be good. Tokens will be released to people sending in KYC info once per week, so please be patient.

Stay tuned for more details. Next week will be big!

Now, which is the top ten ranked exchange by volume world wide?

From my little research on CMC here is the answer;

24 hours volume rankings (Exchanges)

  1. Binance
  2. OkEx
  3. Houbi
  4. Upbit
  5. ZB.COM
  6. Bitfinex
  7. HitBTC
  8. Bibox
  9. BitForex
  10. LBank


So NOBS token could just hit Binance exchange by next week.

There are so many price predictions on telegram, but many believe it will start at $0.1/NOBS.

Next week is a big week for NOBS.

This is solely my

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what is the future of these tokens?

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Is this assumption or real?

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If this prediction is real. It means i have become a millionaire

Tomorrow on Bitforex, 8am, not bad ofcourse.