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RE: Introducing The Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame – Are YOU up for it?

in #nobidbot2 years ago

This is a good idea and way for redfish to engage
I am a redfish with 360 SP. I have a delegation so that rules me out


I am thinking of changing this rule, stay tuned. It would be a pity for people not to be able to join because they won delegated power!

I hope you do because no matter what they are a redfish and the important thing is for that group to power up and any help in engaging or being part of a community is important

I am hoping to cover my 160 SP by next week, fingers crossed depending on cost, and your redfish league is super

hehehe I have updated the post, so do you want in?

but I have plans in a couple days to leave redfish statues. If it goes well LOL. you never know when something doesn't work out
so yes

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