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RE: Introducing The Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame – Are YOU up for it?

in #nobidbot2 years ago

What a great initiative @paulag! It's so important to grow the "base" here, so what you are doing is awesome! And to continually send the message to "power up" is such an important one too! Thanks for doing this :) I'm at 300 SP of my own, but thanks to 4 different delegations, I'm just at the 700 mark. I am however working towards continually important...maybe one day we'll even have a middle class here :)


You can Definitely do it Lynn!!

Thanks buddy! I know I can with support like that :)

after listening to the feedback I am changing the rules so that accounts with owned SP only of under 400 can join - do you want in?

Well then Yes, of course, I'm in!! Thank you @paulag :)

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