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France releases a voluntary contact tracing app

"The French government has released a contract tracing app, called StopCovid, to notify people when they’ve been in contact with someone who is later diagnosed with COVID-19, as reported by Bloomberg. Usage of the app is entirely voluntary in France,..."


Leak offers an early look at Google's rumored Android TV dongle

" Google’s rumored Android TV dongle just got a bit more tangible. XDA-Developers has obtained what it says are early renders of the media hub, codenamed “Sabrina.” Sure enough, the device (reportedly Nest-branded) is very much in keeping with Google’s modern a…"


Apple News+ will feature audio versions of stories, iOS update shows

" Apple’s News+ platform is getting an audio feature. As reported by 9to5Mac, today’s public release of iOS 13.5.1 has been accompanied by the first beta version of iOS 13.5.5, and hidden within is “Apple News+ Audio,” which will offer audio stories to News+ su…"


AT&T exempts HBO Max from mobile data caps

" Streaming companies have to pay mobile carriers -- such as AT&T -- if they don’t want traffic from their services to affect users’ data caps. AT&T owns HBO, though, so the conglomerate would be paying itself if it didn’t want its new HBO Max service to do so.…"


Peloton’s workout app comes to Apple TV

" The Peloton app is officially available on Apple TV, giving quarantined gym-goers more options for home exercise as coronavirus concerns linger. While the digital fitness company might be best known for its fitness equipment like bikes and treadmills..."


'Total War Saga: Troy' will initially be free on the Epic Games Store

"When Total War Saga: Troy becomes available on the Epic Games Store later this year, it will be free for the first 24 hours."


Laid-off chefs are using Instagram for income during the pandemic

" When you look at Victor Aguilera’s Instagram account, you’ll see a few selfies along with several photos of arepas, a griddled corn cake common in Venezuela. They’re pictured grilled, fried, filled with avocados and cheese, or steak and plantains. But Aguiler…"


Hublot's next smartwatch is the $5,200 Big Bang e

" The new Hublot smartwatch, the Big Bang e, runs on Google’s Wear OS, and it’ll set you back $5,200. This watch should be more widely available than the first connected Big Bang watch, which was a limited-run used by referees in the 2018 FIFA World Cu..."


AI breathes new life into a classic ‘80s synth

" Musicians in the 1980s had a love-hate relationship with Yamaha’s DX7 synthesizer. Its digital sound engine was unlike the analog synths that came before it, and created a unique timbre, but the thing was a beast to program. (Modern FM synths are substantiall…"


Facebook's Manage Activity tool helps clean up your social media history

" You can filter old posts and delete or archive them in bulk."



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