NITRO - cryptocurrency to solve ecosystem problems of the video games industry

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NITRO is a platform for gamers that has more than 348 million users worldwide. Moreover, it is planned to add 325 million players with the start of the current project in connection with the launch of the sales of Animoca Brands games. A distinctive feature of this platform is that NITRO has iCandy public company, which exists not only in the virtual world.

The sale of tokens on the platform is carried out to finance the development of Nitro functional platform, which:

  1. Upgrades Promising Game Studios to develop their own games.
  2. Opens the possibility for a non-professional to play and take part in video games, carry out financing on the Nitro server.
  3. Enables players to use platform tokens as a currency for making purchases in the game.
  4. Allows gaming studios and promoters to participate and stimulate gamers on the Nitro Marketplace.
  5. Allows token owners to increase profit for participation in the network.

NOX is an Еthereum token based on ERC20 standard. Platform tokens provide participants with additional opportunities to participate in video games by:

  1. Voting for the most interesting games to get funding.
  2. Interacting with game studios and promoters in the game market, exchanging tokens for game items / currency.
  3. Receiving remuneration for participation and contribution to the network.

NOX tokens are planned to be sold at different frequency and speed. There will definitely be a pre-sale period before the official beginning of the crowdsale. The pre-sale rate is 1 ETH to 1040 NOX. Further, the ratio will decrease and during the first 24 hours of the main crowdsale the rate will be 1 ETH to 1000 NOX tokens. During the next 48 hours, 1 ETH will be 920 NOX. In the following days, 1 ETH can be exchanged for 800 NOX tokens. Crowdsale starts on November 23, 2017.

Tokens are initially planned to be distributed as follows:

  • 60 million is released for crowdsale (50% of the total number of tokens).
  • 7.2 million (6% of the total number) is allocated to the NITRO team.
  • 6 million (5% of the total number) is allocated to financing Nitro Interactive Ltd.
  • 3 million (2.5% of the total number) is allocated to financing iCandy.
  • 1.2 million (1% of the total number) is allocated to the platform developers.
  • 42.6 million (35.5% of the total number) is allocated to the reserve.

If the project is successfully implemented, iCandy will receive more than 325 million new players. This will also help Animoca in its ongoing business restructuring with respect to the main games. Animoca brands sold 13 of their games to Maple Media for $ 2.9 million in September 2017.

Current problems in the gaming industry are as follows:

  • For a gamer – there is no incentive for active participation in the development of the industry.
  • For a gaming studio - it is difficult to raise funds.
  • For an investor – it is hard to access the benefits of industrial growth.
  • For a developer – it is the increased cost of connecting to the audience.
  • To solve these problems, the entire ecosystem should be combined.


NITRO seeks to change the whole chain of the video game industry by bringing together all the major stakeholders in one network with the blockchain technology. It democratizes the structure of the industry, encourages diversity and prevents the industry from monopolizing by large corporations. This allows participating and providing financing for access to new promising gaming studios.

By implementing these ideas, the benefits will be as follows:

1. Advanced game studios will provide:

  • High-speed access to the system and to financing;
  • Availability of feedback;
  • Opportunity to get better information and propaganda activities;
  • Possibility to receive a commission for a purchase in the game;
  • Realization of an instant transaction.

2. Gamers will get the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the process of creating the game;
  • Obtain potential economic and social benefits;
  • Perform secure transactions.

3. Publishers will receive:

  • A platform for connecting to both developers and players;
  • Reduce costs.

Thus, NITRO is the platform that enables its owners to participate in the formation of the economy of video games.



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