Nissan Leaf - The Perfect Car for Futuristic Buyers

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If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle, then opt for an electric car. It shall be a good decision considering the lower fuel costs, energy independence, and environmental friendliness. Vehicle owners find it exhaustive to make trips to their nearest gas stations to fuel up, especially during a period when the fuel price is so high. Forget about the fuel price and regular gas station visits if you choose an electric car for your travel purposes. The Nissan Leaf is a good choice for those who look for an electric vehicle with stylish exterior and powerful features. It is perfect for auto enthusiasts who look for innovative vehicle models.

Nissan Leaf - A fully electric vehicle

With futuristic equipment and long-range competency, the Leaf is a fully electric car ideal for your comfortable traveling needs. A product from Nissan Motor Co, the well-known Japanese auto major, this vehicle with e-power technology will launch in India soon. This vehicle can be a good alternative to diesel and petrol hatchbacks in the country. It can offer the best performance at low running costs. The Leaf is among the high-selling electric vehicles in the world, and all motor enthusiasts in India are eagerly waiting to know the Nissan Leaf Price. With powerful features and sufficient boot space for accommodation, it can be a perfect vehicle to fulfill your travel needs.

A vehicle with powerful features

The Leaf, an electric hatchback from the reputed motor giant, Nissan, fascinates motor lovers with its powerful features. Powered by an AC Sync Electric Motor of 80 KW, this vehicle has the potential to generate a maximum power of 107 bhp. People preferred this car with e-power technology because of its low running costs. You will certainly love this vehicle if you check the interior and exterior of new Nissan Leaf images. The navigation system of this car has a multi-touch control 7-inch color monitor.

The Nissan Leaf offers mileage that ranges from 134 km with a 24 kW lithium-ion battery and nearly 170 km with a lithium-ion battery with 34 KW in one complete charge. The vehicle connects with mobile app and navigation, and the exterior of this vehicle features LED headlights, fog lights, front and rear bumpers of body color and chrome door handles.

If you are an environment lover, consider buying an electric car whenever you think of your next vehicle. Having an electric vehicle such as Nissan Leaf 2019 is fun and practical for many reasons. With an advanced aerodynamic design and higher driving range, this vehicle is different from other usual electric cars. Its advanced technology and unique digital information display provide everything to entertain you and make your drive an unforgettable experience. With so many advanced features flexible to fulfill all your travel needs, an electric car such as the Leaf is certainly a perfect choice for futuristic buyers.

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