9/11 War Games

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Little did we know at the time, 9/11 was not a normal day of blue sky aviation. On the contrary, it was one of the busiest days in the history of American aviation, a dense forest of live fly exercises, drills, simulations, fake radar injects and utter confusion. And that was before the attacks even began. This is the story of 9/11 that you didn't watch unfold on your TV that fateful day in 2001. This is the story of the 9/11 War Games.

TRANSCRIPT AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/911wargames/

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That game is really good .... great job

Hi, @corbettreport
Very good video with interesting information. In & out of 9/11.
Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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I have to dive deeper. Thanks for bringing up this topic again.

definitely some decent compilation of a part of 9/11 that has been seldomly looked at in the past several years.

Cocktail Geoengineering: How 9-11 Changed the Sky Forever, 34 min (5min outro or such) Jim Lee and his colleague from weathermodificationhistory . com

Also David Chandler, August 2018, playlist Explanation of the Evidence at the Pentagon on 9/11

Hi @corbettreport, very glad to see you highlighting the UK patsy narrative. The young actors, as it seems to be, are doing more than they signed up for and there are reports of them fleeing when they realised what they were involved in, only to be shot dead at Canary Wharf by armed police. Apparently, this is why the backpack in the later explosions were unattended. I gather you have seen this documentary already but i'll put it in the chat for others to view. "The Ripple Effect" by Maud Dib is a great piece of work and the guy won a court case proving his research. Anyway, here is the link

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Great report . NEVER FORGET is now our battlecry❗️

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