Where Were You On September 11 2001?

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North tower collapsing

That particular act of terrorism did not take place in my country or not even on my continent but it was exceptional in its scale. I was at a gym in Tampere where I lived at the time. It was afternoon where I live (GMT+3, NYC is in GMT-4). There were TVs on at the gym. Someone pointed at the television and told me something really bad was taking place. All we could do was watch the news riveted to where we were standing. Victims RIP.

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Probably taking a nap or eating. Not sure

I was at home with my few year old child. I guess I had the TV on, and when I heard something bad was happening, I remember turning to BBC (or BBC news or some BBC channel that was on Finnish cable) and saw the second tower collapse.


@markkujantunen Do you remember where you were when you heard that Estonia had sunken? I was at school and I remember one of the teachers, maybe the principal announce it in school radio first thing in the morning.


That was on 28 September in 1994. The sinking began at around 1 am. In all likelihood, I was in bed and asleep (no smartphones back then). I probably heard about it in the morning. The evening papers ran stories about it.

I will never forget where I was either. I was in a shop that had a TV and knew some serious stuff was happening so went home to watch it unravel.

I was watching TV, studying for a Uni exam the next day. Watched from the first smoke, the second plane hit live and then the rest of the night. My 9 am exam was held, most people bleary eyed failed, including me. The rest of the exams for the next 3 days (none of mine) were cancelled.


Interesting that they should cancel tests because of it in Australia.


it was because people were up watching it instead of studying and sleeping.

It was considered this generation's Pearl Harbor. I was going to a business meeting around 9am am got a call from my business partner saying did I hear about a plane hitting the tower? I remember thinking it was probably a small Cessna type and the pilot probably had a heart attack. After the second plane, we all knew...

I was in Nigeria and I think I was at home watching BBC news when it happened.


Did you happen to have your TV on at the moment or did you hear from someone or the radio or something that you should watch the news?


Yes the TV was on at the moment it happened, because it came has a breaking news.

Something curious happened to me. That day I was asleep and at home the TV was on at a high volume, and for some strange reason I was dreaming what I heard, I mean a plane crashed and all that. It was not the first or the last time this happened to me. When I woke up I opened the door of my room and I could see that it was the national news on what I thought I was dreaming
Have you dreamed what you are hearing at that moment?

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