17 years of lies and pain... NEVER FORGET!

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Being 13 at the time didn't help me understand how can people be so greedy, corrupted and manipulated. Now 17 years later I can clearly see, understand how and why. This horrible event was nothing else but a cowardly inside job that took the lives of thousands and still has victims dying because of it till this day, all for that dirty $. My heart goes out to all the families who lost their loved ones, may they rest in peace.

Never forget...

If you wanna know the truth, if you can handle the truth, please watch this.

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This never happened before and then you get what 5 hijackings in one day.

Makes you wonder why this never happened before maybe it was an inside job as I don't think towers usually explode like that!

Either way the politicians and limitary industrial complex grossly profited of this enacting laws that would have been impossible before but unfortunately we are the ones that suffer.

Government = biggest terrorist!


Thanks for your input!

Government = biggest terrorist!

I agree with that

It was a shameful, shameful day. A day where FEAR was used as a wholesale manipulation tactic to make people (particularly in the US) aware of a "them" to be fearful of, so all manners of laws and changes could be enacted — with public support — to take away our own rights and freedoms... just so some people could have more power, influence and money.