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Stress may be as a person's adaptive response to a stimulus that places excessive psychological or physical demands on that person.

The stimulus is also known as stressor and it refers to anything that induces stress. The stressor can be excessive for it to degenerate to stress. This simply means that each individual has his or her own threshold for stress. What is excessive for an individual may be tolerable for another.

That's why it is very important for one to know what really works for him or her. And therefore shouldn't be found pushing him/herself way past the limit.

Stress may be positive or negative. When stress emanates from a good source, like being elevated at work place which demands for more responsibilities it is called Eustress.

But, negative stress is called Distress like when we get really worked up just to achieve a task. Excessive pressure, unreasonable demands on our time, bad news and so forth, all fall into this category.

We will use stress for the purpose of relaying messages but it must be noted that stress can either be good or bad. It can stimulate and can lead to any number of dangerous side effects.

If you must stress yourself, let it be worth it!



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I love how you punched through the wall of a long post and delivered your message.

This is the first time I've come across the word eustress. Does it have any (health) benefit(s)?


Eustress is a beneficial stress from exercise and of course you know the health benefit of exercising.

Thanks for reading @getencored

Hello @Vintageverve!
This is a beautifully written article on Stress!


Thanks @air-clinic
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