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RE: Who Steemit made ME!!

in #nigeria4 years ago

You are on a beautiful journey and you are grasping. Let me leave it at that for now as there will be more times to talk. I see evolution which is great. Too many entries and i am reading them all and leaving comments. Stay awesome. Some friends will visit later


Thank you @surpassinggoogle, yes there will more time to talk and i look forward to that. I cant stop saying this, you always make an impact in me with your words, your blog is so inspiring. Am sure many can relate. Sometimes people say nice things about someone just to get something. And i am not trying to say nice things here, but the effect of the inspiration your post/blog gives me is reflecting on my steemit activities. Thank you.
Appreciate the opportunity to participate. Will do it again and again. Looking forward to more.

I am glad to hear that. This is what i live for in reality. There will be awesome times in the near future. Don't worry, i have always been there with #nigeria. You may not know it but they know it. It always happens behind the scenes. And my post regardless of how it appears, has an undertone just for Nigerians and you will feel it when you are there. I have a very neutral stand because i touch on the human more than the nation and i do have special gifts and untold exertion when it comes to another human and you may have felt these things. All the info, i leave out there in undertones, simply to open the eyes, so that you start to see more. So no wahala. Stay awesome

Thank you. I see your hand behind the nigerian community. The personal impact i sherish more. I look forward to amazing life impacting post from you. Thank you.

Yes. Stay awesome. I am always reachable

She is on a beautiful journey and am i glad to have know she grasped with just a little push. Some of her post has pushed me beyond my thought. I undoubtedly stretched my mind on a post i made yesterday about a conference of steemit to be held in nigeria. You are inspring, I am waiting for the next series you will dish out. Cheers @surpassinggoogle and may Jehovah strengthen and help you.

Thank you @turpsy for journeying with me.

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