Police Protest: A Sad Incident

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Protest is a common thing in civilized states these days. It is believed that eaceful protest reaches the government more than any other means. It is also true that many people abuse this simple means of making their grievances known to the government by simply protesting over anything.

This abuse cannot be seen, however as an excuse to stop people from making their grievances known to the government. I just wonder why non civilian can also engage in this activitiy.

I still find it hard to understand why those saddled with the repsonsibility to protect people's lives and properties are subjected to hardship to the extent of protesting. I am still trying to see if more advanced countries have similar occurrence like the one we witnessed in Nigeria yesterday 2nd of July.

Hundreds of mobile policeman in Maiduguri, Borno state of Nigeria protested against non-payment of allowances for seven months. These policemen blocked the highway and accused the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris of selling promotion to those who have connections.

It is shocking to see that Poliemen were not paid seven good months allowances! What excuse can the government give on behalf of the Inspector General of Police or what can the IG himself say as the reason behind this illtreatment of those protecting people's lives?

It is possible for many Nigerians to condemn this protest by the policemen but we need to ask ourselves this: are these people not human beings? No hero is non-human. Every hero out there is also a human being and they feel everything we feel.


It is also possible to accuse them of collecting bribes and argue that the 20 naira or 50 naira they collect on the roads should be enough to feed them. But we would be committing the fallacy of hasty generalization by doing so. It should be noted that not everybody in police uniform is corrupt. It would be a mistake to assume that since some of them collect bribes, therefore they are all corrupt.

What we need to do as 'civilized' citizens is ask fundamental questions. Why is their allwances not paid for good seven months? What explanation can the governement give as to why their allowances were delayed for that long period of time?

In reality, those in health and force ought to be paid higher and before any other parastatals. I still don't know why doctors and now policemen protest over unpaid allowances. It is truly a disgrace.

These people have families to feed and they risk their lives every day protecting us. Perhaps you are not seeing their work, but let's have 24hrs without police in any country and see what happens.

The fear of police is enough to maintain peace and order in any given society and especially Nigeria. The goverment needs to look into this sad incident and address it immediately. Police are the pillars of every society. They maintain peace and order.

Thanks for your time.


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I am still trying to see if more advanced countries have similar occurence like the one we witnessed in Nigeria yesterday 2nd of July.
It should be occurrence instead of occurence.

Its really a sad incident that policemen are being owed,even with the existence of police on duty there is still a lot of crime going on then imagine if they go on strike to further the protest then what will happen in the country.May God help us.Thanks for sharing.

Exactly! There will be total chaos without them. I don't know why a government should owe the police force. It is surprising and shocking.

In the USA our police shoot unarmed children. Not white children mind you. They are racists, who kill and arrest black people more than any other members of our society.

Here where I live in Oregon, the police have been known for human trafficking and rape. They are no pillars of society.

I believe we would be better off without police. We need to know our neighbors will come when we call for help. Our neighbors won't be shooting our son's in the back, and will understand the situation better than police.

A policed society neglects it's responsibility to it's self. Instead of maintaining common decency, a policed society maintains a common law which is not on a level with actual morals and ethics. The law says that it is equal, however here the wealthier you are, the more you get away with. So instead of behaving in a good way because it's the right thing to do, people behave as badly as they can get away with.

The situation you explained above is quite unfortunate. However, i still believe that a 24hrs without them will show to us that they are working more than we think. It is just unfortunate that some bad eggs are spoiling the name of police as a whole.

Thanks for your time.

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