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Nigeria is fucked is what I hear from most people I meet....
Each time I hear this I always try to ponder on where we got it wrong but I haven’t always been able to wrap my mind around it.

My country is a very rich country but the riches only circulate around the politicians we put in power and their family while the masses are left to survive with the terrible amenities we have.
Bad Roads
Bad Electricity
Security is zero
Corruption is 100% and these are just few or the problems we have

We the masses are contribute the major problem we have in this country. We have been shouting we want change but we keep voting for the same set of people over and over, we keep shuffling them like we are playing cards.

We have been shouting that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but it’s funny how we end up with our grandfathers as leaders. Leaders of yesterday are still the leaders of tomorrow.

We have over 28 political parties in my country but we’ve been focusing on just 2 and you tell me Nigerians are not jokers.
Left to me , my country people aren’t ready for the change they all rant about...

We have a very long way to go and what scares me is that we might have not even started the journey yet.

**** to be continued****

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