THe New face of Corruption : plights of a concerned citizen

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Going through the pages of the newspaper yesterday I was forced to come to the realization that the 2019 election is just around the corner and still Nigeria hasn't gained focus. Its deeply saddening to see that as much has the country has gone through and is still trying to recover from some I'll meaning politicians are still on a mission to milk it dry to it's last drop of goodies.

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Seeing some political parties find problems with the present leadership all in a bid to rubbish the image of the ruling party in order to pave way to their selfish interest. They are interested in mundane things instead of concentrating on the things that will help move the country forward. They rather play their dirty politics.

I still vividly remember the first lines of our national pledge " I pledge to Nigeria my country to be faithful loyal and honest" these words have now been the biggest lies told by our leaders whenever the put their dirty hands on their chest and say this pledge.

While I bitterly unweigh my heavy heart I want to introduce you to the new face of corruption. In those days Corruption had an ugly description and it stood for everything that represented evil, now corruption is so handsome and is the envy of every citizens who dreams of achieving meaningful success, its now seems like the only way out.

I watched a man trying to make joke out of the current Nigerian situation make a profound statement. he said.

A Thief is not dangerous to the society, a thief is that person you know who just steals your stuffs without telling you nor harming you. Thus it isn't moral but the thief is suffering and needs a way out.

An Armed robber is the one who's ready to go the extra mile to do what ever it takes to get that money from you. These guys have been through a lot trying to gain success and decided that violence is the way out. I'm not justifying the action I'm just trying to prove a point.
All these seems like corruption but let me shock you by saying those guys on the run or in hiding are not the real corrupt guys.

Corruption has power and is empowered by the government, corruption is in government, given them by the people. Corruption has an office and is backed by the law hell! corruption is the law. Corruption doesn't hide corruption moves freely with no fear nor remorse whatsoever. Corruption has a convoy, and a private get guarded by your security organizations that should be securing YOU. If you are looking for corruption look at your TV screen they are the ones you elected and gave power over you. That is the new face of corruption

When I was in school, we were told that we are the leaders of tomorrow and that Education is the key to success but grown up I've realized that in a country like our If Education is the key to success, Corruption holds the lock...

Now I ask which way are we going?
the answer to that question is sadly nowhere


Nigeria goes by various description. Some describes it as a developing country (quite laughable), it has also been said as a country on the point of take off... well here's how Nigeria is to me. Remember the simple algebra problem of Old? the one about there being three pipes A, B and C, pipes A, B are filling a Tank while pipe C is leaking water. Then the ask, How Long will it take the tank to fill up? The simple answer will be "The tank will never get filled up" not until someone does something about the leakage. Don't get it twisted Nigeria is not the leaking pipe nor the tank Nigeria is the Algebra Problem as long as you keep solving it, you would never get a sane answer.

These are my words and this is the plights of a Nigerian citizen

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