FREEDOM: The new slavery

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After the colonization of Nigeria by their British masters we were finally happy to be independent or better still to be free. Free to make our own rules and decide our future, **free at last free at last thank God Almighty so we thought we were free at last"


Did we really gain freedom?

In those days slavery burnt like a wild fire across Africa, but the truth is we think we are free but the residual of our masters still lingers within us making us modern day slaves.

You might be surprised at such statements but please allow me indulge you

One of the ways in which the captors ensured their slaves never made an ascape was to bound them in chains and arrange them in rows which meant that all were confined as slaves together but today the chains are no longer in our hands but deeply rooted in our minds.
The problem with the form of slavery is that its worse than physical slavery.** You can be helped from physical slavery but only you can free yourself from your mind**
I would ask, what is the use of independence when indirectly we are dependent on the wisdoms of the white men? what's the use of independent when we have thrown away our cultural heritage as a people and embraced the white mans ways of life and ideology. A typical example of this is the white man technology and medicine.

Our fathers relied on herbs and roots to fight against deadly illnesses and diseases but now we take in chemical components we were introduced to by our colonial masters.

Then what do we really call freedom? we are just modernized slaves of the mighty!

Is it freedom when you Ban speaking of your native language In your schools and adopt the language of the white men and we groom our offsprings from infantry to sound and speak like them, making foreign tongue our lingual Franca. what happened to our dialet? Our minds have been brainwashed to think we are making progress where as we are captives in our own lands. They might not rule us physically but we are still sickened by their germs.

We are in our own chains

What happened to our culture and traditions? we have no minds of our own we dependently dwell on the white man to teach us better.

I ask again "are we really free"?

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When a graduate from our renowned university is treated like a second class citizen when it comes to getting a job and let that same guy go get a degree in the lowest level university abroad he becomes hot cake in our own country.

what do you call free? A country where a man speaks his local dialte in public and is considered an illeterate?

Look at it one way or the other We are still in perpetual slavery. Okay here's a proof.


Let me take you a little down memory lane, the black man was never created to work for anyone. They survived by inheriting ancestral occupation from their family. For example of your father was a hunter, he thought you the art of hunting and when you grow up you become a hunter too. If your father was a farmer, you learn the business and inherit it from your Father the same goes for all other occupations like fishing, arts, music, black emitting e.t.c. They survived using trade by batter as a form of exchange In the sense that if I need food and I am a fisherman I go to the market and exchanged my fish with a farmer for food items or if I am a hunter and needs a knife, I exchange my animal with the blacksmith for a tool. But all these changed when we became slaves working under what the called organizations and companies.

Where you're underpaid, unfairly treated, owned and used. at the end of the day nothing to show for it. They decide your time and life. Then you tell me your not a slave?

Life is determined by time and seasons. time is the currency that life answers to. Whosoever controls your time controls your life Josef Pius

Your boss tells you to resume by 6:00am then automatically you have to be up and moving before 6:00am so as to avoid being sacked and the same goes for when you close. Isn't that modernized slavery?

Don't be naive my dear reader We are slaves until we break the chains of our minds,embrace, nuture and celebrate what is ours we never may truely be free...

Freedom my dear is the new Slavery

** free at last! free at last! don't get it twisted we were never free at first!**
josef pius

Lamentations of a Black man
Original work
@josefpius Handwriting

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