Those Who Live By Sword Shall Die By Sword

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It is a truism that we reap what we sow. Those who sow wickedness shall reap corruption, and those who sow kindness shall as a matter of fact eternal peace.

Whenever, I remember the wicked activity of man against his fellow man, I run short of word. We do to others what we will not like anyone do to us. We hate pains but will cause it to others.
Man lifts up matchete against helpless women and children. And you hear a government official describing it as community clash, as two fighting.

Those who live by sword shall die by sword. Those who support and conceal evil are inadvertently inviting evil to their home.
He who gathers ant-infested firewood has invited lizard for work.


Oh man! You are right to an extent.

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword

In reality, this is very practical. You can only live by the sword by exposing yourself to danger which consequently causes susceptibility to danger itself.

The current situation in Benue comes to mind

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