Effects of Drugs Abuse

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Drug abuse is the abnormal use of drugs, or use of drugs without doctor's prescription. It is also the use of hard drugs to get some feel high effect.

These different methods of drugs Abuse pose different danger to the abuser. For examples:

So many people have the attitude of self-medication. They take medications without doctor's advice, always depending on across the counter drugs. This is said to be dangerous as one is bound to take either over and under dosage. Attimes, wrong drugs are taken causing more problems than the person has.

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Drug abuse has socio-economic and psychological effects:

  • Social Effect: Students who engage in drug abuse perform poorly in their academics. They miss classes, suffer relationship problems, and mostly get rusticated from school.

  • Economic Effects: Drug addicts suffer financial challenges. They spend all their money on drugs to sustain their feelings. And due to lack of strong character, they work enough to take care of their bills. Thus, they always become broke.

  • Psychological Effect: Victims of drug abuse usually suffer different degrees of mental disorder. Some lose their mind entirely as a result of brain damage, while some have minor brain damage. These manifest in the quality of decisions they make.

  • Health Effects: The use of drugs without doctor's prescription has landed many into trouble. People have suffered organs damage and sudden dead due to self-medication.

The future of our country depends on our youths today. And government must do everything possible to protect this future. Effective public sensitization is needed to bring to light the effects of drugs Abuse. Rehabilitation centres that are of international standard should be put in place.
Finally, drug law enforcement fight should be taken seriously.



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