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Today I just wake up early, sat by my bedside and was reflecting on how God has blessed me , not just with material things, those ones are the lest of blessings but with intangible blessings like the gifts of family and friends.
I have very few destiny friends. Yet they were hand picked for me by the universe starting from my childhood till date. Each of them has a seed of greatness inside of them. Even though they may not be expressive like me, I can vouch they love me more than they can say.
How do I know? We are not just friends, we are spiritually connected. Not because we share the same doctrine but because we are soul mates. Destined to come together by the universe for the purpose of our mandates and destinies.
So today, I take out time to publicly honour and appreciate my friends, my convenant friends. Those that love me unconditionally and will stay with me on this journey of destiny forever. Those that even death cannot separate our love and loyalty to each other.
I treasure and esteem you so highly. May God give me the grace not to fail you. And may our friendship bless the universe.
I love you from my heart and you know it. I wish I could name you one by one but you know yourselves. I celebrate you today and forever.


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