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Hey it's democracy day
But where are we today?
As we celebrate this May,
Can we proudly say
That we are free of political shame?

Hey it's democracy day
And truth is I love this day
But as I see this Tuesday
I see things haven't been the same
We live in fears as of preys

Today we celebrate 19 years in fears
Today, we dance but in tears
Those demons have gone really crazed
Leaving shambles of democracy everywhere
Even the atmosphere of speech is as a snare
Look here you'd see death
Go there you'd meet mess
It's democracy of 19 wards in wilderness
A wilderness of political wickedness
Perpetuated in wards worst in darkness

Yes, let's celebrate democracy in Benue
I hope those homeless will gyrate in cheers
I hope those orphans and widows can do the same
Shall we head for the East and dance today?
If these we can not do, then what
Democracy is here we chant this day?
Don't let's to ourselves tell these lies
Don't let's fool ourselves too full
This is not democracy but autocracy
But I see our hope glimpse in a hole
It's 2019 if we aren't afraid to take it back
It's 2019 if we would all be on guard

In all, I won't fail to salute the relentless
Who's celebration lies in liberty ahead
Those who fought but who now are dead
Heroes whose labours past have been burnt
In the shackles of shakushaku
Till the beautiful ones arise and shine soonest
Once again I ain't afraid to say
Happy democracy day Nigerians

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We pray and hope for better nigeria

Amen bro

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