How To Create A U.S.-Backed Government Coup For Fun & Profit!

in nicaragua •  21 days ago

A few months ago I wrote this piece for TruthDig about what was happening in Nicaragua and while that failed the same people are up to their old tricks in Venezuela this time so I thought I'd put this back out there.

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Or check out this teaser below:

"Nicaragua just defeated a U.S.-backed violent coup attempt, and no one cares.

Well, let me revise that: Very few care. English teachers may care because they may find it fascinating the phrase “violent coup” is one of the only English phrases often introduced with the prefix “U.S.-backed.”

But I can tell you for certain the mainstream media don’t want you to care. They don’t even want you to know it happened. And they certainly don’t want you to know that it followed a simple formula for U.S.-backed coups in leftist and anti-imperialist nations throughout Latin America, a formula our military intelligence apparatus has implemented in numerous countries tirelessly, like an overused football play."

Read the full article here:

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it is just absolutely incredible what the 'leader of the "free" nations & "democracy"' gets away with. the henchmen aren't far behind though; e.g. France in libya & rwanda-burundi.

The Project for New American Century was killed in Syria.

The above is a quote by neo-conservative think-tank, not ours.

The main question now is the support Venezuela should receive from the winning camp in Syria. Sadly, the victims and targets of the US hegemony did not do any serious step and maintain it, globally, to counter these threats.

The US only power left is its dollar, once it's stripped from this it'll return to a normal country, as it wouldn't be able to finance its military or its massive NSA and CIA spying and destabilizing other countries.

We, Syrians, paid a very hefty price to save the world, our allies came late, came very slow, and at the begging they were very hesitant and even pressured us to accept defeat. Some of them are still giving free favors to our enemies on our account they don't need to.

Israel, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar and EU are the main pawns of the US projects in our region and beyond, And we defeated all of them in our country, but where is the economic support we should get from our allies to sustain our victory? Instead we see their relations and concessions to the members of those camps are enormous and much higher than whatever aid they gave to Syria, taking in consideration Syrians saved them and they only fueled 'the vehicles' of Syrian's enemies.

BRICS lost the B, they didn't move fast and effectively because of the in-between competition, maybe, and because of those planted within the decision making political brass in the victims of the US projects political brass, whose interests are in the west and not in their own countries. Argentina was let to fall, as well, and now Venezuela. And please don't let talks about internal corruption within any of these states affect your judgment, show me which country in the US camp is not corrupted multiple times than even Nigeria.

Read this and the links in it:

Sounds kinda like what is going on in Venezuela today. You know the old saying? "If at first you don't succeed, try try again". What amazes and sickens me is that most of this country is falling for drumpf's line of BS! Mike, out