NHL Hockey: It's Time For an Update

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What a Week It's Been! 

Last Night:

The Nashville Predators have eliminated the St. Louis Blues and will move on to the conference finals!

The Edmonton Oilers trounced the Anaheim Ducks to even their series at 3-3!

Nashville eliminates St. Louis and goes to the Conference Finals for the first time ever! Photo: NHL.com


Down 3 games to 2 the Washington Capitals face elimination against the Pittsburgh Penguins. With Sydney Crosby now back in the line up can Washington possibly win the next 2 games in a row?

Here's How the Series Look Right Now!

From NHL.com

Check Out The Very Best Action From The Playoffs Here!

What Do You Think?

  • Can Nashville get through the next round as well with their dynamic defensmen P.K. Suban and Roman Josi?
  • Can Washington win 2 in a row to advance?
  • Will the young Edmonton team lead by 21 year old Leon Draisaitl and 20 year old Connor McDavid advance?
  • Will Ottawa eliminate the flashy New York Rangers?

Check back here for more discussion on the world's fastest sport!


Great post ! Im hopeing Ottawa eliminates the Rangers and move onto the next round !! I love Nhl hockey !! Especially the playoffs ! 👍👍👍

Thanks so much for your comment! Yes Ottawa is in the drivers seat now! Is that one of your favorite teams?

Not my fav but theres only 2 Canadian teams left to bring the cup home ! Lol! Its been away from Canada for a very long time ! My favorite teams are Vancouver , Montreal , and Chicago they have alot of Canadian players ! But I also lived in Ottawa for awhile and it would be nice to see them win , its been a long time ! 👍🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒

What team are you pulling for now that Boston is out?

I'm afraid to pick... my teams keep falling like flies! I wanted Toronto, then the Blues. I hate the Caps... so I guess the Penguins (who I don't like either!) I'm running out of options, all the teams I like are gone!

What about Edmonton! A very exciting young team! Actually the won too many times during the Gretzky, Messier era!

Sure... why not! At least they don't have anybody I hate (cough Sidney Crosby). I'm trying to think of who I had from Edmonton on my fantasy team...

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