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INTRODUCTION: is an application that allows you to earn and be physically fit with the help of metaverse technology. It works on the race-to-earn model using Metaverse and GPs utility. Different competitions of running, swimming and cycling are held which you can join just by using your cellphone. VR is used to provide you real-life marathon experience from the comfort of your area. It takes your footsteps, distance, and heartbeat while you are in the competition to provide you rewards according to your progress.


Non-Fungible Tokens are growing at a rapid speed; thus, we have also offered amazing NFTs for you throughout the game. Some NFTs like shoes for running, goggles for swimming, and sunglasses for cycling are necessary, while a lot of other NFTs are provided that you can buy and use within the competition. Marathon introduced exclusive NFTs for their community. In marathonCash .com you dont need to be a professional gamers or racer to participate And utilize the benefits in this application, the main benefits are the monetary benefits it's provide for the investore ( Gamers).


The NFTs are further classified into some categories also: For Shoes A Category Shoes: 100 MRACE Tokens B Category Shoes: 75 MRACE Tokens C Category Shoes: 50 MRACE Tokens For Bottles Red bull: 25 MRACE Tokens Juice Bottle: 20 MRACE Tokens Cold Water Bottle: 10 MRACE Tokens For Sunglasses Sunglasses: 7 MRACE Tokens Goggles: 10 MRACE Tokens.
How To Participate In
First of all ,you must login to the application,if you already have required NTFs, you can join the competition, otherwise , you will be directed to the NFTs marketplace.
You must have atleast one NTFs in your wallet in other to enter the competition( you can buy them by swapping them with BNB token )
You must have shoes NTFs for running goggles,NTFs for swimming,and sunglasses NTFs for cycling. You can get all this in the NTFs marketplace.
So with this ,Everyone should buy marathon cash NTFs because this stage lunch various arrangement NTFs organization so you can chice your turn and buu it successfully interface your bsc wallet. Also you can buy NTFs for stake it and obtain marathon token when you rest. This stage client can acquire an authentic money essentially stream rules and agree with their norm. The upside of marathon cash locking incredible for client, for stalwart Benefit has content creation, most outrageous assurance and strong security system, building a significance affiliation. So this stage are extraordinary clients lead project. So Don't fail to join this stage.

How to participate?

  1. Log in to the application. You will be sent to the competition if you already have NFT. If you don’t, you will be directed to a Marketplace.
  2. You need to have one NFT in your wallet, before you enter a competition.
  3. You need shoes NFT for running, goggles NFT for swimming and sunglasses NFT for cycling.

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So marathon cash assignment maintained by experienced and uncommonly qualified bunch, which as I would see it can convey the dare to the most raised level in the briefest possible time and I truly need to accept that they succeed. Everyone should buy and hold marathon cash token. We can barely wait for go to moon marathon cash token.

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