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Since I am participating in a fantasy league this year with new followers on Steemit I have been excited for week 1 to begin. Now that it is nearly complete, there is still one Monday night game happening as I type, Rams versus Raiders, I am sitting here refreshing my yahoo web page in what seems to be an eternity. My opponent @boatsports90 still has two Ram receivers collecting points as my lead has dwindled to 5 points. I am doubtful I will win but what if I did? Can I win and be able to pump fist and say I have salvage my week 1 contest? Or shall I put my head down and loath in shame as I am about to lose or will lose.

Something I have never enjoyed doing myself but have watched others do is smack talk when it comes to supporting their home team. The main reason I enjoy it is I like watching the people who do the talking end up eating their words. Oh what a shame to have to lose face and have favorite team fall down in defeat. Yet often times in the spur of the moment words or action is executed in support for your home team. I do not blame you as I have done the same plenty of times. In the end its just a game but shaming one's ego can be fun filling entertainment. Sometimes even better than a movie at the theater.

Well I have a contest for you all. Here it is:
Answer the following question as a comment on this post.

What is the most memorable sport story you have had regarding to a fan's post reactions after a game?

The most funniest will receive an upvote and earn a steem-bounty.

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Thanks for reading and hope to hear some good stories.

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Date of post: 9/11/2018

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Dear my friend, thank you to apply to the @jmhb85 contest, more we are and more we will recover this community where its coin is going dramatically down. About your post question, i think i was very upset due to bad situation of soccer teams in my country Poland and i posted it:


My friend at least your not rooting for America. America did not even reach World Cup. The country has over 330 million people and still not able to get a men's soccer team to play at the worlds biggest stage. Talk about bad.


In USA the our football is not the same, the call it soccer and it never leave the basic level to be a national sport. They love football with hands, baseball and basket and regarding wordl cup i have the suspect they did it on purpose to avoid to go to Russia, how is possible they lost the last game in home with Panama????

Probably the most entertaining fan post event experience was a set of free tickets that I received to a Kansas University football game. Now Kansas is historically bad at football, I would say they are a dumpster fire, but that puts dumpster fires in a bad light. In this trip to this shrine to American football, I got to experience one of their few victories of the past decade. The victory itself was not all that exciting, but the fans reaction was. Normal fans would chear and maybe go on the field in celebration, for Kansas fans, this was not enough. They had to rip down the goal posts. But that has been done and this was momentous. So the fans proceed to carry the posts out of the stadium and throw them in to a pond that is on the south side of the stadium.
It was awe inspiring!!!


Wait a minute. Didn't you just say the game that you watched Kansas won was not that important? Why would fans pull goal posts unless they beat a very good team? And here I thought Kansas having a great basketball program must have a decent football team. Guess not. Thanks.


Kansas had one magical year for football. They almost won the National Championship and then completely feel part. They will rip the goal posts down for nearly every win now just because they are just so bad. I don't think they have won a conference game in two or three years. The basketball program dominates the athletic department, they might be better off by letting Bill Self run the football program. At least he could recruit.


Yep, KU football is really bad. @clivingston005 , I see you are from KC. Looks like we are neighbors, I live in Overland Park.


I used to live out in Edgerton, out past Gardner, but moved to the Northland to be be closer to work. I am just outside Liberty now.

I think the most memorable story is about one of my friends.
He is a die-hard fan of a german soccer team. One day we watched a game together and his team lost. He was so angry that the smashed his beer mug on the table, it was so hard he brooke the mug and the table.
Luckily we watched the game at my friends house :D


I hope your friend drank the beer before he broke it. I once broke a bowl watching a game. I dropped it to the floor by accident when team I was cheering came back from a deficit and won. Lol.


No it was still half full.
But he had enough beer at home so that wasn't his problem :D

There is no dispute, this is the best all time. Steve Sullivan of the Chicago Blackhawks gets cut by a high stick and a fan taunts him. Sullivan comes back to score two goals and then later, the same fan is hit with a puck, cutting his forehead. Even his girlfriend loves it when Sullivan taunts him back.


Do not feel bad about the fan at all. Teaches him a lesson or two. Got to be fun being the girlfriend. Allowing someone else to put her boyfriend in his place without any effort, is priceless. Thanks.

I liked a lot of posts and posted a lot of great posts. Thank you

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I don't know much about football which is too bad since I love trash talking :P