RETARDS ON DISPLAY! - Twitter TWEETS disparaging NFL ex-Fans BURNING Jerseys

in nfl •  last year

If you search Twitter for the words: NFL BURNING, you will find a lot of comments disparaging angry fans who are burning their NFL jerseys, season tickets, caps and other memorabilia, in protest of the politically-mired douche bag players, owners and staff of the NFL.

Its really astounding to see how many people on Twitter are belittling patriotic people in demonstrating their disgust and rejection of the NFL's disrespect for the United States flag, military and traditions of this great country.

It really makes me sad to think how many stupid, willingly-ignorant people we've got living among us... "us" being constitution-loving, God-loving, fair-minded, patriotic Americans.

As one man who burned his season tickets valued at over $4000 explained, "it's the principle of the thing."

And now for some angry Americans, showing their OUTRAGE and DISGUST, protesting the NFL:

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