Nexus Earth partnering with Singularity Net

in nexus •  9 months ago

Nexus Earth (the same company that created Nexus (NXS) cryptocurrency) has partnered with Singularity Net (a platform that allows Artificial Intelligence to cooperate and coordinate at scale)

Founder and Chief Architect of Nexus Colin Cantrell explains, “Nexus wants to resist the centralization of AI and believes partnering with SingularityNET can contribute to AI safety.” Colin is working to provide alternative internet utilizing a system of satellites. With satellites free of control by restrictive governments, information will no longer be censored or restricted from oppressive governments. SingularityNET will be exploring the use of Nexus’ satellite-based alternative internet protocol. The integration with Nexus would strengthen its mission of creating a censorship-resistant AI network.

Check out Nexus Earth website for the really amazing services they are developing to free us all from centralized systems.

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