Selling Rare Coal planet outside of the Alpha Ring - 300 STEEM

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Screen Shot 20190616 at 10.07.54 PM.png

Hello Everyone,

Do you want to get away from all the battles? Start a new life outside of the regular spawning grounds. I'm selling Mu, my latest rare coal planet. The coordinates are 74/318. You can see its location in the universe a little better here:

Screen Shot 20190616 at 10.08.27 PM.png

For 300 STEEM I will give you the planet and will not explore a circumference of at least 8 fields around it. At the current state there are 6 fields explored that lie to the left of the planet.

Right now I have explorers being delivered to the planet, in case noone wants to buy and I "have" to explore myself. Because I would want to send them back, I am not able to gift the planet until 12 pm UTC tomorrow (Monday, June 17th).

If you are interested in buying, please leave me a comment or contact me on discord.

Thank you for your attention,


I don't know anything about this game, but resteemed just in case someone else wants to take you up on the offer :)

Thank you very much 😊 But it seems like my price is not popular 😅