SpyColony v1.3.0 - Keep an eye on your neighbors

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Hello, dear NextColony players!

Some of you have already heard about my tool that allows you to keep track of the progress of other players. After releasing the 1.3.0 update, I decided to publish a list of changes and features of SpyColony (thanks for the encouragement, @reggaemuffin!). I hope this tool will be useful for you, and your neighbors won't be able to steal your all resources in the future. After all, you'll be able to check their actions!

Without prolonging - have a nice reading!

SpyColony features

Basic information about planets!


Here you will find:

  • Number of owned planets
  • Planets names
  • Planets ID's
  • Coordinates (X/Y format + link to the map)
  • Time of the last action

Resources information!


Here you will find:

  • Current state of resources
  • Maximum storage capacity
  • Daily production

Information about buildings!


Here you will find:

  • Current level of buildings
  • Information whether a specific building is being upgraded now
  • The time left to complete the upgrade
  • Skill level of buildings
  • Information whether a specific building skill is being enhanced now
  • The time left to complete the enhance

Information straight from the shipyard!


Here you will find:

  • Number of owned ships
  • Ship's statistics (by hovering the cursor over the ship's name)
  • Information whether a specific ship is being builded now
  • The time left to complete the build
  • Skill level of ships
  • Information whether a specific ship skill is being enhanced now
  • The time left to complete the enhance

Information about active and old missions!


Here you will find:

  • Mission Control skill level
  • Mission types
  • Number of ships participating in the mission
  • Coordinates of the starting place
  • Coordinates of the destination
  • The time left to arrive to the destination
  • The exact time of arrival to the destination
  • The time left to return
  • The exact time of return
  • Mission results

Top 10 users list!


Here you will find:

  • Usernames of the ten best NextColony players
  • Meta-Skill level (by hovering the cursor over the username)
  • Clicking on the username will display information about the user

Future features

In the future, new useful features will appear. As for now, I plan to add:

  • Interactive map
  • Checking the distance between two planets
  • Ability to send actions
  • Notification system
  • Message system

If you have an ideas for new features or you have noticed any bugs - let me know!

Contact and support

If you want to contact me - I'm available on the NextColony Discord server (username: Scriptioner).

If you want to support me - give me feedback, tell your friends about SpyColony and vote for this post.

Link to the site: spycolony.herokuapp.com

See you at the next update!


Awesome work on that tool! I use it quite a bit for all that info that the main side just does not want to show me :D

This is why "distributed technologies" will win out in the future.
And a great example of "free market". Find a need, fill it and the market will reward you.

Thanks for the great tool! I'm looking forward to your upgrades and you have a new follower.

I am so far away in space but still there is zero privacy on a blockchain.

Vote and resteem
Absolut awesome Tool! 💪🏻😄

Ich hab doch gesagt, dein Explorer findet einen Planeten. :-) Glückwunsch^^

War das eine Vorahnung? Oder bist du hochbegabt und ahnst sowas?
Du hast mir auf jeden Fall Glück gebracht. 😃😃😃😃😃

Das war nur Glück natürlich. ;-)


Future plunderers favorite tool and they know who they owe their reconnaissance ability to. @scriptioner

I'm just WOOOWED away - cool and awesome job. Many Thanks.

Here is a !BEER for you....

You deserve a full vote. Spycolony is amazing.

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Great program. Thank you for the work done.


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What an amazing tool! Really appreciate this. It's very, very, very useful. Let's face it, gaming on the Steem blockchain is the best! You did a great job!

Pretty cool and useful spy took in the world of colonies. Always see our levels or the surroundings of our Planet in order to see what we can explore.
This is the beginning of something beautiful that the entire humanity hoped for and those we will be the founders of great apps from the beginning will be rewarded. Keep on going, keep on exploring, keep on creating!

Wow, at a first glance this looks very useful. Thanks.

Very nice Work. Thank you. Resteem.

Exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks so much!

I love that tool very much! It's simply amazing and just what we need. I believe it would reveal its true power when the battles are going to be implemented in the game.

Please, continue your excellent work!

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Thank you for your interesting tips.
They were very helpful.
Thank you for sharing.