Next Colony - the exploration race has started! [stats]

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Next Colony - over a week of the gameplay, what do we know already?

We know how the digital Universe will look like, the image above shows the square donut which is the first spawning area of the starting planets in the game. If you wonder how it will look further, check @jarunik post - here

In the Universe center there is an Earth located: show


If you want to track the development of Next Colony Universe - visit my site with daily updated statistics about the game here:

Number of players

There are about 2000 unique accounts in the game already, and 1100 active players daily! Every day about 60 new accounts is registered.


Note: @steemmonsters have 1800 daily active users and @drugwars about 5500. @nextcolony locates last but started only 10 days ago!

Exploration race

The first ship visited new space regions on 29 April 2019. The situation is escalating very quickly:


Next update to the chart (in the night) will show over 100 explorations on 1st May! I believe also that @reggaemuffin was the first player to discover a new, uncommon planet.

You may want to know how many resources are transported every day?


Universe map

I've decided to replace a map of planets (very slow rendering) with exploration map to see how the Universe is filling up with newly discovered regions.


Remember, the chart is zoomable with your pointer!


How many players use $ items?

Impatient players can boost their development with items available in an in-game shop.

These and more data in the future to find on mentioned site:

Ideas, suggestions? Please comment :)

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Great 👍

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Nice statistics, and I love the zoomable map. ;-)

Thank you! Now I can find myself in the galaxy. Great work on the charts and data. What is the refresh time for stats?

Once a day :)

It looks interesting.

Love your statistics page!
Great work 💪🏻🚀😎

Thank you very much for your great work! You currently have the best website to track global statistics around NextColony.

Greetings, my friend. Incredible your publication, I liked it very much, I leave you my support and thanks to you for yours in my publication of Nextcolony, is magnificent as the game is growing in a few days, I liked it a lot and work hard to increase the production of resources to make an explorer to see if I am lucky to find a new planet, I hope you get one and invite me to work, ha, ha, ha, if I did not get mine. See you in the Galaxy!