First impression in nextcolony

in nextcolony •  last month  (edited)

For some days, I have been testing, using and learning to play this great game that I found in the seas of steemit information. I found it a bit attractive because of the way it worked and because of the type of game it is. im so happy every time I enter I feel that need to continue growing as a player so in a moment to acquire ships, more planets and lots of resources, you just have to be a little patient and grow little by little, step by step.

Here is a brief look at how things are going:


No funciona.png

Buildings skills

building skills1.PNG

So far that is what I have managed to achieve by entering several times to be aware that I can improve to move forward in nextcolony.

I admit that at the beginning I felt a little confused because I did not understand, but reviewing some publications in @nextcolony I went identifying with everything.

I say goodbye, greetings to all players and for the team from the nextcolony, from here, morrona :).

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