Starting to develop my battle fleet on NextColony

in nextcolony •  14 days ago  (edited)

So far I can get resources from these friends

Common atmosphere

Common atmosphere

Common atmosphere

Common coal

But my ship skills are far too low, I only can spawn this one:

Corvette Crocus

Uranium consumption per coordinate point: 0.001
Speed (coordinate point per hour): 4
Storage capacity: 20
Rocket: 2
Structure: 6 / Armor: 8 / Shield: 10

I will try to add this two to the family, let's see how long would it take...

Frigate Quorn

Destroyer Rocket

I dunno if it would be too much trouble, but I think that developing a gift-like animation to give a little sense of dynamism would improve a lot the gaming experience of the platform. Anyhow I think that Nextcolony team is doing an awesome job so far.

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Espero mis clases para esta aplicación

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