Space talk

in nextcolony •  4 months ago 

I spend more time on Nextcolony than on steemit nowadays. Is that good? Hm, I do not know, I never understood youngsters getting addicted to a game but early morning first thing I do is checking whether I found another planet or not during the night. Crazy!

But I got a fourth planet today !

I am deploying some explorers to it and while I sleep ...perhaps ……..perhaps…..and I dream of battles


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Four already? That's huge!
I just send out my first explorer...

Good! You are on the left side I see

on spycolony I can see you

Interesting! I didn't know such a tool existed. Will have a look at it myself too ;)

Congrats on the 4th planet. I have to admit it's on my thoughts a lot as well. I'm not really sure what my strategy is once the battles start. Hopefully I don't have anyone too aggressive in my immediate vicinity.

I don't want battles, I want to find more planets!!

I got nothing for attacking or defence

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Yeah, I'm worried I'm going to get annihilated. I just want to explore.

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