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RE: NextColony: Reward Pool

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I have always been struck by the sidereal space, I had not had the opportunity to play something related to him in any blockchain, so, I look forward to the inaugural flight and pray because my low English skills does not compromise my success in the game.



We have no doubt that you won't have trouble understanding our game, despite your low English skills (:

We have no doubt that you will have trouble understanding our game

Hope you see the irony in that comment

It's quite simple (:


U said you will have trouble, i think u meant won't have trouble.

Yes, of course. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm gonna edit this (:

Cuidado, este usuario es reconocido como un engreido abusador de la autoridad delegada, se comporta como un guardia nacional, es un hipocrita y es mansito cuando anda mendigando, pero se enardece facilmente en lo que agarra un poquito de poder.

Digno representante del Hombre nuevo del Chavismo emergente