Another planet was found by one of my explorer ships...

in nextcolony •  15 days ago  (edited)

...and thus I currently have 5 planets.

There was a transporter III ship giveaway on the @nextcolony steemit account not so long ago and that ship will really help me to put needed resources into this new habitable planet to start building as fast as possible.

As I progress forward I will start offering some of my ships again. There are probably a lot of players that cannot explore new tiles and players that want to attack different planets, but are missing the ship skills. You can obviously buy ships from the shop, but the idea is that I will be selling them for cheaper.

There are still a lot of undiscovered tiles and a lot of undiscovered planets so I am really hoping to get some more planets till there will not be much to explore and people will fight over any undiscovered tile. It will be fun!

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Hi @eirik, you just got an upvote from MAPX. This message is just to inform you that a new game will be starting in a few days and there are some free TULIPs on offer in contests. Please read this: New TULIP Mania Token Game - 8,000 Free Tokens and the recent daily contests. Thanks for reading! (msg 4 Aug @map10k)