Calm beauty near Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

in newzealand •  5 months ago

Calm beauty near Mount Taranaki, New Zealand


this is actually called real beauty , i was surfing facebook and i just found this attracted image 😊 so i thought lets share this beauty to my all steemians. i actually love nature and this kind of photography. this is dam professional right? if someone see this view by own eyes please share your experience . i love to know about it. seems like a heaven!

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Sabina, admitting you used a photo taken by someone else is still illegal (plagiarism).

The solution (and the honest thing) is so simple to do, I do not understand why you prefer to leave yourself open to being flagged and insulted.

Always include the following:

source: (the link to the original site)

Awesome photo.

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Incredible place. Keep it up! Followed 🤗