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I’ll start with the bit for everybody, since the rest will probably only be of interest to Kiwis.

Some of our new kiwis haven’t made much of a splash yet, so I’m thinking of introducing one or two to you with each post I do. Today I’d like to introduce @wildkiwi who has posted some amazing dolphin and bird photos this week but had only a tiny handful of views on each one. Even if you’re a newbie yourself, head on over and give him some encouragement.


So, last night, @forykw and I were at a Wellington Blockchain meetup for an intro to wallets and purchasing cryptos. Sadly we didn’t get to meet, as I have no idea what he looks like. It finished a little later than expected and by that time I didn’t feel inclined to accost everybody coming out the door to ask if they were José!

Mark from BlockChain Labs NZ and Steve from Deloittes presented on:
• what is a wallet and how do I install one?
• which are the best wallets?
• security best practice (how to not get your coins stolen/lost)
• how to buy/trade Bitcoin/Ether from NZ?
• what is an ICO and how to buy ICO tokens?
• what are the tax implications of trading crypto currencies/assets and is this all legal?

Mark told us about a new NZ exchange opening at the start of August. Here's the link

Steve confirmed that at this stage there was no ruling from IRD on the use of cryptos, and unlikely to be for some time. He had some thoughts on what is likely to happen, but nothing solid enough for me to feel comfortable sharing it on the blockchain. If we have a NZ meetup at some stage, that might be a good topic to cover.

It was a very good presentation for intermediate users as well. They’re doing a repeat presentation on the 26th July and I’d encourage all our Wellington Steemians to head along to hear everything else. But looks like there are only 4 spots left, so hurry along.

The meetup was held at Bizdojo in Tory St and I found the back wall of the meeting room fascinating. The whole wall was covered in plants.


Here, take a closer look.


I’ve done a bit of detective work and found some more new NZ Steemians since the last list in @sift666’s post. So here’s my current list, in alphabetical order this time. This took ages, so it will probably be the last one! A lot of the new people in the last couple of months have only posted once, or a handful of times. Hopefully they will be back to have another go.

@aboylal – Jun 17
@alkemix – Jun 16, but just restarted
@amexperts - Jun 17 - Christchurch? But going to Vienna soon
@benjamin.still – Aug 16 - travelling overseas
@bethwendy - Jul 17 - moving to Oamaru (from Perth) soon
@biglipsmama - Jul 16 - Auckland
@blockchain-nz - Dec 16 -
@bronnynz – Dec 16 –- not currently active
@business - Jun 16 – South Island?
@carlnz - May 17 – Dunedin?
@courtzd – Apr 17 – Tokomaru Bay
@crazyseanymph - Jun 17 – Auckland?
@cryptoiskey – Jul 16 - currently in US
@cyberbunny - May 17 -
@devi1714 – May 17 - currently in Seoul
@digitalist – Jun 17 – Hawkes Bay & Gisborne
@domesticgoddess - Jun 17 - Hamilton
@ecentrally - May 17 - Cromwell
@edges - Aug 16 -
@eduardo-almeida - Jun 17 – Auckland (visiting NZ and possibly staying)
@flatscreenface – Jul 17 – Aaron – Gisborne
@floydrudolph – Jun 17 – Christchurch
@forykw – May 17 - Jose - Wellington
@fredpeissert – May 17 - at university here
@gabz89 – Jun 17
@girlwithavoice– Dec 16 – Auckland?
@googlefrueh – Jun 17 - currently in Germany
@goradyne - Aug 16 -
@heni – Jun 17
@jacob.martin – Jun 17 – Tokoroa
@joaotenreiro - Jun 17 - Auckland
@kaykunoichi - Jul 16 – Auckland?
@kineticstrike – May 17
@kiwi – Jul 16 - not currently active
@kiwideb - Aug 16 - Wellington
@kiwiscanfly - Aug 16 - Feilding
@larksongbird – Jun 17 – Wellington
@laurentele – May 17 – Auckland
@len.george - Jan 17 - Marton
@madein-hisimage – May 17 - Welcome Bay near Papamoa
@manamauri – May 17
@mattblackwell – May 17 – currently in Australia
@mazar – May 17 - currently visiting NZ and posting pics
@nitromad - May 17 – Sean - just south of Taumarunui
@nzfxtrader – Jul 17 – Dutchy in NZ - Papamoa
@outofoffice – Jun 17 – Kate - currently travelling
@petruscuniculus - Jun 17 - (soon visiting NZ and hopefully staying?)
@piratefoodco – Jun 17 – Taupo
@rafaelbrizola - Jun 17
@rainmnz - Aug 16 - not currently active
@richardbruce – May 17 – Dunedin?
@samuel-earp-art – May 17 – Queenstown, originally from UK
@sarapm - Jun 17 - Wellington
@senseiteekay – Jul 16 - currently in Australia
@sift666 - Aug 16 - Wellington
@silvernova – May 17 - Mt Maunganui
@skymaiden – Oct 16 - Vera – Wellington
@sovereignbroker – Jun 17
@strikermane – Jun 17 – Invercargill
@tajnost – Jun 17
@tattoodjay – Jun 17 – currently in US
@taxidermy183 – Aug 16 – not currently active
@teepee - May 17 – South Island – Dunedin?
@tekewena – Jun 17
@thereceptionist - Apr 17 - Auckland?
@tomascello – May 17 - from Czech but living in NZ
@trevor.george – Oct 16 - Trevor - Wellington
@tuahine – Jul 17
@tuakanamorgan – Jun 17 - Hamilton
@wildkiwi – Jun 17 - Marlborough Sounds
@wirihere – Jun 17
@yourservice - Jun 17 - Wellington
@youvegotquail - May 17 - Wellington
@yoza.ossan – Jul 17 – Auckland
@zoelee – May 17 - Queenstown ?

So, what do you all think? Is anyone keen on a NZ Steem meetup sometime? Maybe Labour weekend, or over the summer (assuming we have one)?

Or maybe we start with mini meetups for each area. If I could find the area each person is from, I listed it.

Your comments please guys – anybody I’ve missed? Wanna add your location? Thoughts about meetups?

Thanks for reading

Photos by myself, and header taken from the Meetup website.

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Some of my previous posts about life in NZ:

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Wearable Arts Award Show
First day of the Wellington summer
Singing carols with the NZ Symphony Orchestra PLUS my best loved Christmas music
60 years of my favourite music – Kiwi classics
My choir singing on the streets of Wellington
Presenting to a Parliamentary Committee about proposed new legislation
Voices from the Front – a story of Gallipoli
Some New Zealand music for Anzac Day
RIP Kiwi comedian John Clarke aka Fred Dagg

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NEW Kiwis who've surfaced since the post closed off:

@gerben - May 17 – Dutchy in NZ - Papamoa
@richcat – Jun 17 – Auck?
@ricmac – Jul 17 - Wellington
@strawmobile - Jul 17 – Golden Bay


Thanks, nice to see so many Kiwis here!

Unlucky that was! Where were you?

I was here:

(image source from Sean Twitter post)

My fault entirely. I always assume people will check me online... LinkedIn, etc.


Never thought of LinkedIn! I was 3 rows behind you, on the same aisle seat.


seandotau Sean tweeted @ 11 Jul 2017 - 05:43 UTC

At #wellington #blockchain meetup. Come down is your around. @sulufiti @mersham_gary @BizDojo https://t.co/BmHULzeI2F

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Hi @kiwideb, on my post 2 weeks ago, you can find some more:

June 17 - @joaotenreiro - Auckland
June 17 - @petruscuniculus (soon visiting NZ and hopefully staying?) - ? not sure where yet.
June 17 - @sarapm - Wellington
June 17 - @eduardo-almeida (visiting NZ and possibly staying) - Auckland


Cool, have added them to the list.

keen for a meetup at some stage :)


Cool, will look forward to it.

Oh wow! The Kiwis are increasing. That's great :D I hope you guys successfully keep track and support one another. I always love seeing people united. My country's as divided as they come, so I just freelance with other nationalities hahaha!


Kiwis everywhere! - I'm sure we have doubled on Steemit in the past month which is very cool

I'm sure at least 90% of these new members are Kiwis :)


HAHA! Awesome! As someone who wants to live in NZ but doesn't have the resources to do so, interacting with Kiwis here might just be the next best thing.


And that graph only goes to the start of June! It would be interesting to see it now, because it did seem like June was even busier than May for new members.


So you're uniting the world then @jedau!


In a weird way, I kind of am! Haha! But, usually when I do these kinds of things, uniting groups and all, I almost always end up in the outs when it's all said and done. So, I don't really have any motivation to make any effort about it haha


All good to put your efforts into something you enjoy more then, I'd say. It's not your job ;-)

Kia Ora everybody! We too are NZ based. We run a food truck and post about things related to food, homesteading, skill sharing, photography, nature, travel, art, music and more. Come check us out if you are interested :) We'll definitely have a look through the list and support a few of you. Stay cosy through winter Kiwis :)


Your posts all look so interesting. I'm keen to spend a bit of time trawling through them. I hope you're not out in truck today. The worst must be hitting Taupo soon.


Desert Road and Napier Highway closed due to snow. None here in town. We are cuddled up by the fire. :)


Best place to be. Cuddled up by a fan heater just doesn't have the same ring.

Sounds like a good idea, with the current temperature definitely make it summer so I can leave the fire


mmm summer BBQ's


mmm summer barbie with @kiwiscanfly grilling some lamb for us all...


Very sensible. Unlike your mad son who is about to run all day in the coldest week of the entire year. He didn't get those mad tendencies from you, did he?


He was a sane, sensible, good living bloke, then he moved to Wellington.
Now he has a mid llife crisis, all the good living since he has got a boss was trying to extend his waist line. He reckons he can't afford neew pants so he is going to take up running instead. He is just going overboard a bit eh.


Ah, the dangers of moving to the big smoke.

A bit overboard? I'd say he's close to drowning by now.


If the wind blows the right way he will get a jato boost, if the wind blows the wrong way he should enjoy the SI

That sounds like such a good evening. I would love to attend one, maybe one day when I can leave my baby for a few hours.
I'm very keen to hear about the NZ exchange for crypto. I'll be keeping an eye out.
Thanks for sharing about the night.
Wow, there's quite a few of us Kiwis on Steemit. I've been telling people to join, not sure if they have though.


Here's the link for the exchange http://dasset.co.nz/ - hopefully it will be live soon. Maybe start of August?

Great post!
We have had a exchange for a few years in NZ, I messaged them last year about tax they gave me the same info.
They also have a peer to peer market selling world wide in which ever crypto the site accepts, it's a shame they still don't have Steem on there.
You can buy BTC though them very easily but selling haven't worked that part out.
Looks like there should be an Auckland meet up!


We've used NZBCX for trading BTC to NZ$, and NZ$ to BTC, but that's all they trade. It's worked fine for us, but the trading depth isn't very deep, so you just have to take what you can get.

I Imagine a bunch of the new people whose locations we don't know will be Auckland. And the Hamilton people would probably go up to you.

You were so lucky to have someone teaching you about crypto. Most of us just read on the internet about that.


Yes, we'd done all our learning on the internet up till then. Even though we have a bit of experience, it was still very helpful to get that extra input.

sounds like a SMASHING good time. Cheers from up above, while y'all are down under!


Hi. Thanks for popping in and saying hello.

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Hi Deb, I made this post a while ago for Kiwi's to understand how to withdraw SBD from Steemit into their bank account. If there's an easier way let me know! I feel like I went the long way - nervous to do it again after so long especially with my brain.


I thought I had made a comment to have my name added to the kiwi list, but I can't find it so clearly not lol.

I made a post ages ago, as a newbie who discovered there actually were other kiwis on Steemit, saying that if they got at least 10 of us in PAL they'd give us our own channel to chat in. I didn't find enough, as I suspect some kiwis are hibernating.

Perhaps one day though, we might get our own discord channel ... and a banner! lol go kiwi <3


I can't actually edit the post now anyway, but will maybe do an updated list at some stage. The closest we've got to a community so far is using kiwi as a tag on our posts.


hmmm I was using that tag and the newzealand tag when I could but they don't always fit the subject matter, and with there being only 5 tags allowed.
Would be great to have a roll-call some time. :)