Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

We said we'd stick around more often but so much has happened throughout December especially with all the festivities which really meant parties, lots of time spent with families and friends who flew into Sydney from all over for the celebrations.

As this is the first post of 2019, we'd like to recap our 2018 New Years Resolutions and see what was really achieved.

  1. Exercise/Keep Fit - Yes, we did quite a bit of that and did post a little bit of that in the year. Big A joined a basketball team for half a season and due to that, we did visited the parks more frequently to do alot of running and basketball training together. We did lose a few (small) kilos as well but nothing too noticeable YET haha!
  2. Learn to Cook - Love how eating comes straight after talking about exercise all the time... We've had our fair share of eating out and getting ideas of what to cook at home. Ever since moving in together, we've compiled a small list of dishes that we tried making at home and think we can keep those recipes long term. Hoping to share these recipes with you all as we go through 2019 together!
  3. Work - we always say "work hard and play hard". We can't agree on that for 2018. Things felt breezy with a tiny amount of tough moments but that's lucky for us, right?
  4. Travel - We started 2018 landing in Japan followed by many mini road trips within Australia and also our long weekend in Hong Kong. All our trips this year were short ones but we've had quite a fair bit and enough to say that our year was not boring.
  5. Steemit - We were pretty on and off the platform this year and were very inconsistent, sorry! We did meet a few new people on the way and especially recently while playing Steem Monsters as well as keeping in touch with a few people who we met on the platform since the beginning. So thankful for having meeting these people and having you on board the our blogging journey!

    Some of the home cooked meals

    Just a small % of the many delicious food tasted

    Tiny highlights of our travels

    It's only the second day of the New Years and we do have a list of places we are already planning on visiting this year - mainly countries and restaurants. Hopefully we can tick them off by the end of the year as we know there are many many things we want to add on also!

    Our 2019 New Years Resolution is very much the same as the last. On top of all that, we hope to continue and keep up good habits and of course, work towards bigger life goals!

    We hope that you've all had an awesome festive season - whether you do or don't celebrate it and BRING ON 2019!!

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is that laksa under home made?

and what is that thing with meat on the wooden display??


Tut! Tut! You're out @travelgirl!! You need to travel around Asia more and catch up on the latest in the restaurants!!!


Lol I’m not sure if I have told you but apart from Japan, I haven’t been to Asia since having the kids. Too hectic, too many people haha.

Where as these guys go every year!!! Lol


yep, that's laksa which I've mastered hahaha
and that meat on wooden thing is actually hot pot meat. you order a mix platter and it comes on that fancy display with dry ice for extra visual effects ^^


I've given up on resolutions now, but good luck with your and hope you achieve them this year!


thanks @livinguktaiwan and happy new year!