Happy New Year to the entire Steemit Family...

in newyear •  4 months ago

Greetings to all and several days ago that I was not here, as all busy with Christmas and those who do home and family ..

This publication is to wish you all a wonderful year full of many Blessings, union, health and life for all .. for the VENEZUELAN that we are still in the struggle of an inospito and miserable government .., was seen in the street a lot of loneliness and sadness of children without a toy or a new clothes ... and without being that the most important thing without a DIGNA FOOD PLATE !!

Blessings to all those who could enjoy the Christmas plate and those who can not, may God provide us this new year of Health and Life.

Let's start healing our hearts, to fight in our work that was the one that touched us, for children for our children and a better future ..

This will be my year 2019, although it hurts me, we have to look for new horizons full of true Bliss Love and Prosperity .. !! The Best For all my friends .. Blessings.

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