The New World Order and the Music Against It - Killuminati Music 2021

The New World Order and the Music Against It - Killuminati Music

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For Friday I thought I would Share Some "Killuminati Music" with the HIVE Community

First of all the "New World Order" of the Illuminati is yes real. Here is a video of their puppets talking about it.

Music Videos Against the New World Order...

  1. "Booster" by Media Bear:

  1. "Brainwashed" by Tom MacDonald:

  1. "Puppet Master Massacre" by M.C. Ma'at:

Anyways those are some new songs and an old song, hope you are all having a wonderful Friday. I will be going live tonight around 9pm, please tune in, see livestream platform links below.

Cheers Mateys!

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