Maintaining Steem from Death

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Maintaining Steem from Death

Hi Steemian how are you today? I hope you are healthy and creative to work.
Today I read @kingcrown's post. He tell about one of Steem competitor was dead.

AMP is an old coin (5 years old) that even was at Poloniex at one point and it had HyperSpace blogging platform connected to it where you were also earning from votes on your posts.

It looked and worked different than Steemit - but the main part. You couldn't withdrawal as they were saying they will open withdrawals later.

Most of you don't know but initially on STEEM when it launched we also been earning but for 1 month or more (don't remember) it also was not possible to withdrawal. Here it took years though and now its dead and we still cant withdrawal. The coin is dumped almost to zero though so who cares

For further information you can read this link.
One of STEEM competitors just died..
So, we know that for five years they try to struggle and then died among the hard situation in cryptosphere.

Our Responsibility

In the world of crypto currency none can guaranteed or there is no guarantee that it will work properly. All can happen either for the better, for worse or even death. As When traveling, of course there will be many obstacles and challenges that must be answered properly. If not, it certainly will fall and can't develop. Likewise with the platform that we are following. All must be predictable that the bus will continue to grow and not die.
Grateful Steem can still perch better and in my opinion it will further develop in the future. All of that is thanks to the hard work of all elements ranging from witnesses, content creators, curators and all parties actively involved.
As a Steemian we must Steem keep t Stand in this track and move forward. We hope that not until Steem dies like HyperSpace.
I believe that all Steem community residents have the same feelings. for that it is our duty to keep STeem excited so that we can turn the wheel of Steem's life

Witness, curator and content creator

The hard work of all those involved in Steem will make us remember each other that in a community there needs to be a synergy. Good synergy will make Steem grow and develop well.
Para witness worked to make a successful block a source of income for everyone. Without their hard work, certainly no payment can be obtained by witnesses, curators or creator content. We have to understand their work so that everything related to various transactions becomes a source of processing for witnesses which will eventually return to all members of the Steem community.
Content creators and curators will also continue to strive to create quality, original works and not commit acts of plagiarism and other fraudulent acts. The curators also play a big role so that a content will be rewarded which will add economic value.

Hard Fork

One important thing in Steem is the holding of Hard Fork. Through this hard drive we can see improvements for the improvements made at Steem. As with Hard Fork 21/22 we see major and fundamental changes. A striking change is the Downvote pool, the increase in curation to 50/50 with autor, the optimal curation time being 5 minutes. and all that is done to reduce evil bid bot, spamming and other fraudulent actions.
It could be that one day there will be another hard drive to improve the situation so that STeem will develop even better. One example that might need improvement is that there is a free downvote pool, but there are actually many improper downvotes, so a downvote war phenomenon appears.

Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it

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